How to use the PostgreSQL Database Wizard

This wizard provides guidance to the setup of the PostgreSQL database and user privileges. One can use the PostgreSQL database interface to create additional databases.


(cPanel >> Home >> Databases >> PostgreSQL Databases).

It is useful for managing and manipulation of data with some easy usage tools.

  • It is capable of exporting data to almost 18 file formats.
  • For selected tables, it can generate SQL dumps.
  • It can import data from Excel and CSV files.
  • Exports and loads BLOB data to and from files.
  • Agent application can carry out executions of tasks in background mode.
  • The command-line interface is powerful.

The latest version had updated features –

  • Implementation of command-line action.
  • Each task is displayed separately as an icon in the system tray during execution.
  • Connection to remote Postgre databases via HTTP tunneling is
  • Execution of custom SQL scripts, before data importing and pumping, is now a possibility.


Steps for database setup

*63 characters can be the maximum length of the database.

  • Enter a name for the database and click on Create Database, in the New Database text box.
  • Enter a name for the user who has allowance to manage the database in the Username text box.
  • In the appropriate text boxes, enter and confirm the new password.
  • Click on Create User.
  • Click on Submit to add the new user to the new database after reviewing User and Database names.



The new password is evaluated on a scale of 100 points by the system where 100 indicates a secure password while 0 indicates a weak one.

A minimum password strength is required by certain web hosts and it is indicated if the password is equal to the required password strength.

After completion of this process, the system will display that the database has been set up successfully.

There are certain additional options as well:-

  1. To add more databases, return to the start of the PostgreSQL database wizard.
  2. Click to return to the start of the database wizard to add another database.To create additional user accounts and assign them to a database  – (cPanel >> Home >> Databases >> PostgreSQL Databases)
  3. To return to the cPanel Home interface, click on Return to Home.

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Author: Allura