Key Steps to Configure the BlackBerry® Fast Mail Services


It is important to note that this particular administration is just attainable in cPanel’s belittled x3 theme. The BlackBerry Fast Mail administration does not prevail in Paper Lantern.

The BlackBerry® FastMail administration enables you to get uninvolved email reports on your BlackBerry gadget. This implies when you get a new message in your inbox, your BlackBerry gadget gets it at the same time.

Enable Blackberry Fast Mail

Important: In order to entrust the BlackBerry FastMail administration, your cPanel and WHM account must utilize the Dovecot® mail server

To entrust Dovecot as your mail server, perform the accompanying steps as the root client:

  1. Explore the WHM’s Mailserver Selection interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Mailserver Selection).

Note that:

  • In cPanel and WHM variant 58, we expelled WHM’s Mailserver Selection interface. cPanel and WHM variant 58 and later just gives the Dovecot mail server.
  1. Select Dovecot.
  2. Click Save.

After entrusting Dovecot as your mail server, you can analyze the cPanel’s censured x3 topic’s Email Accounts interface (cPanel >> Home >> Mail >> Email Accounts). The BlackBerry Fast Mail Service if enabled connection can come up at the base of the interface.

Direct Access to Sent and Spam Mail Folders

You can design your BlackBerry gadget to open mail from your sent folder (or spam folder) legitimately in your inbox.

To do this, configure your BlackBerry device to log in to your email account with your email address, with /sent or /spam at the end, as the username (for example,

Blackberry Level 3 Integration

If BlackBerry remembers you as a Mail Service Provider (MSP), this server can answer membership demands at the accompanying URLs:



  • For security reasons, you can just access these URLs through a server that runs the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).
  • In the aforementioned URLs, represents your domain.


Everything on this BlackBerry FastMail Service is reviewed in this article broadly.

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