What is LiveAPI System?

A Brief Introduction

The LiveAPI System is a platform that offers a setting for applications to function in the cPanel interface. In each such setting, the cPanel interface provides for an environment to allow one’s code to coexist and work together with the cPanel binary. In this way, users can use the socket to make cPanel API 1, cPanel API 2, and UAPI function calls.

  • Each and every LiveAPI class offers universal elements to interact and integrate with the WHM interface and the cPanel interface.
  • The user who has been authenticated by this platform executes the functions when you make use of the environments provided by the LiveAPI system.

In case the user who has authentication does not have all the necessary permissions to access the files and execute functions, the calls may fail as a result.

  • However, it is important to note that one cannot make use of the LiveAPI System to call WHM API 1 or WHM API 0 functions.

LiveAPI Environments

Let us find out some more about LiveAPI environments or classes provided by the cPanel and WHM interfaces for the LiveAPI system. They are given below.

  1. LiveAPI PHP Class: These provide the appropriate environment required for the PHP class applications.
  2. LiveAPI Perl Module: This is quite similar to the above PHP class. The LiveAPI Perl Module provides the necessary environment for the Perl-class applications.


One thing to note is that although cPanel does not currently provide a dedicated class for them. Some of the languages supported by the LiveAPI System include:

  • Python
  • JAVA
  • Other languages through custom CGI wrappers.

Requirements for LiveAPI Environments

All the applications in the cPanel or WHM interface that make use of a LiveAPI environment must follow through a certain set of requirements to function correctly. They are given below.

  • The codes of the applications using the LiveAPI system must be inclusive of the environment that is appropriate. The codes should also instantiate the object of the relevant class.
  • The file names should have the correct file extension at the end:
  • PHP — .livephp or .live.php
  • Perl — .livepl or .live.pl
  • Ruby — .liverb or .live.rb
  • Python — .livepy or .live.py
  • CGI — .livecgi or .live.cgi
  • The files should exist in the directory with the path /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/theme/. Here, the theme will be typical of cPanel themes. This particular instruction applies for symlinks to the corresponding files as well.


This article aims to explain what a LiveAPI system is and its functions. The requirements of a LiveAPI system has also been mentioned in this article.

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Author: Allura