Steps to Purchase a LiteSpeed Web Server License


This Server is often outlined as the one-stop replacement for Apache servers.

It reads Apache configuration files precisely and has rapport with the Apache .htaccess and mod_security rules.

This LiteSpeed Web Server license can be purchased from the cPanel Store within WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4).

Purchase License

There is a selected way to purchase this license.

Step 1: Initiate The License Purchase Process

  • We need to log in as a root user in WHM or as a reseller account with privileges of the root level.
  • Then navigate to WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4) making the LiteSpeed Web Server banner appear at the top of the interface.
  • The interface can then show a license tender for the server’s hardware, like,
  • LiteSpeed Web Server – VPS License — For VPS (Virtual personal Server) servers containing not more than 8GB of RAM.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server – Dedicated License — For dedicated servers and VPS servers containing not less but more than 8GB of RAM.
  • Lastly, the user can click the license action, making a new interface appear.

Step 2: Log In To The cPanel Store

The System requests for access to this account.

This happens if one has logged into their cPanel store account earlier.

We need to verify whether the interface shows or displays the cPanel Store username and server name correctly. If so, then click Allow Access. A new interface will appear after that.

Step 3: Verify And Complete Your Purchase

While purchasing this monthly License (as per current situation) through the WHM interface, the user must select between a VPS or a Dedicated license type. There is an automatic selection by the system.

It selects the suitable License sort for the server and helps in finding the IPv4 address to License.

After validating the license order and obtaining the legal agreements, the user has to enter or select the desired payment information and click on Pay Now.


A confirmation message will appear after the processing of the order.

Also, one invoice email will be received from the cPanel Store.


Similarly, a message error can come up if there’s any drawback with the order, and emails from cPanel Customer Service for helping to resolve the issue.


Step 4: Installation

The server can mechanically transfer and install LiteSpeed Web Server and therefore the installation interface can seem to show the progress of the installation.


Also, it’ll show the administrator username and password that a user should record.

The LiteSpeed Web Console within the  LiteSpeed Plugin interface can raise the username and password to log in.


The user has to click on Continue to LiteSpeed Plugin for accessing the LiteSpeed Plugin interface in WHM (WHM >> Home >> Plugins >> LiteSpeed Plugin), once the installation is done.

If the license is successfully purchased, the LiteSpeed Web Server banner will no longer appear in WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface ( WHM >> Home >> Software >> EasyApache 4).


Steps to buy the LiteSpeed net Server license is printed during this review.

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