Insiders 12/1/19: Tom Vilsack Explains Why Joe Biden is the ‘Most Electable’ Candidate Against President Trump

DES MOINES, Iowa — Tom and Christie Vilsack have both publicly endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race. Tom Vilsack explained why he believes Biden is the best person to become the next president.

Biden turned 77 years old two week ago. Due to his age, he has faced some criticism about whether he is as sharp as he ever was. Vilsack put in baseball terms whether he thinks Biden still has his “fastball.”

This Thanksgiving weekend, Iowa Media Political Director Dave Price checked in on Iowa’s turkey industry.

We know some but not all of the details about Iowa Democrats’ proposed satellite caucus locations. The Democratic National Committee demanded Iowa Democrats make the caucuses more accessible for people who physically struggle to get to a designated caucus site. Here’s what we know and what we are still waiting to learn about this new caucus method.