Alberta launches online survey about Daylight Saving Time

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Albertans are again being invited to share their on whether the province should continue to observe daylight saving time, this time through an online survey.

“We know people have strong opinions about changing their clocks twice a year, and we want to hear them,” says Nate Glubish, Service Alberta Minister. “As more Canadian provinces and territories and some American states are having discussions about this, it’s important that we hear from Albertans.”

Albertans currently set their clocks forward one hour to observe daylight saving time from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday of November, putting the province in the same time zone as the Northwest Territories and Montana year-round.

“The practice of changing our clocks twice a year is largely done only in western Europe and North America,” Gulbish noted. “Earlier this year, the EU voted to abolish seasonal time changes by 2021. In North America, we’re seeing provincial and state governments table and pass legislation to do the same. It’s time for Alberta to have a serious conversation about this.”

The online survey will be open until Dec. 10.

Two years ago, Edmonton NDP MLA Thomas Dang put forward a private members’ bill proposing the province ditch the semi-annual time change. The bill didn’t proceed after MLAs heard from businesses who opposed the change.

Last month, legislation was tabled in British Columbia to move to year-round summer hours starting next year.

Saskatchewan, Arizona and Hawaii do not change their clocks twice a year.

(With file from Government of Alberta media release)