Facing Addiction Together: Local Organization Provides Supporter for Those Struggling

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Fighting addiction is a hard journey and something you shouldn’t have to do alone. So one Sioux Falls organization provides a supporter for those currently struggling. They’re people who know what it’s like because they’ve been through addiction too.

Joe Tlustos and Parker Stewart have become pretty good friends. The common factor that brought these two together is addiction. 

They first met at Face It Together Sioux Falls in 2017. It’s a one-on-one peer-addiction management service where those struggling can talk with a peer addiction coach. The coaches have all gone through the struggle themselves.

“People who have been there before, been through our own addictions and our own recoveries. Myself, I’m about a month short of 11 years,” said Tlustos.

Tlustos was Stewart’s peer addiction coach for a year. Stewart’s mom referred him to Face It Together to get help after receiving his third DWI. 

“I was lost. I was caught in kind of a world of feeling lonely, looking for social acceptance,” said Stewart. 

He’s a single father and wanted to change for his three boys. Stewart says having a peer coach like Tlustos played a big role in his recovery.

“That starts to become the breakthroughs that you need at the very foundations of recovery is ‘I’m not alone, somebody has been here, they’ve been through it before and they know the process to continue to move forward,’” said Stewart. 

Stewart has now been in recovery for two years.

“It’s really just speared pretty powerful rebuilding time over these last couple of years,” said Stewart.

He’s proud to be raising his three sons, be the Director of Technology at Reach Church and help co-run a business among other things. Stewart visits Face It Together now and again to check in with his former coach, now friend Tlustos. 

“It kind of becomes home. You get an opportunity to always come back and check back in and you’re always welcome with open arms and everyone likes that feeling,” said Stewart.

Stewart wants others who are struggling to know they don’t have to face recovery alone.

Face It Together Sioux Falls is celebrating its tenth year of helping people recover from addiction. They’re holding an open house Monday October 21st from 5 to 7 p.m. at their center on  5020 South Tennis Lane. People struggling and their families are invited to stop by and learn what they have to offer.

For those who don’t think they can afford addiction services, Face It Together has a new grant that may help. You can call (605)- 274-2262 to see if you qualify for the grant. If you do, services will be free.

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