Plaza 41 Businesses are Still Recovering After Last Month’s Tornadoes

SIOUX FALLS, SD- It’s been one month since three EF-2 tornadoes touched down in Sioux Falls and some business owners on 41st street are still unsure of exactly when they’ll be able to reopen.

At Plaza 41, businesses are still recovering from last month’s storm. We talked to the owners of The Rush restaurant about how they received help from their local community. The Rush is one of many businesses that were affected by the tornado that touched down on 41st street. Owners Stephanie and Al Grey were told to drag everything out of their restaurant.

Luckily, according to Stephanie, help was in no short supply. “The amount of people that showed up on Sunday when we were told we needed to clear out the entire place was, incredible. You know, we thought we would be here until 10 o’clock that night. We were done in two hours, so it was awesome.”

Despite all the help it was still difficult to cope with their loss but, Al says that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. “Well, I think we’ve gotten over the initial shock. It didn’t really hit us at first, then it hit us pretty hard. Now that we’ve gone through our stuff and moved past it we’re all good and just looking forward to what the new Rush is going to be like and what we can do from there.”

A few doors down, the owners of mattress store, Dreamers Outlet, are also recovering. Co-Owner Dan Darkow explains how they’ve had to deal with more than just a natural disaster. “There are a few people that have to come in and do some looting. There were a few items that were taken.”

The store has since been cleared out, and now Dan has to play the waiting game. “We have to wait for engineers, we have to wait for the construction people, we have to wait for insurance and then the other people’s insurance, and then there’s just a ton of red tape, paperwork, whatever.”

With such extensive damage, the businesses don’t expect to re-open until sometime next year.

Despite their struggles, The Rush is still giving back with their “Rush for the Causes” fundraiser for people who go through life-altering events. This weekend’s event is the 4th annual Prairie Pumpkin Classic softball tournament at Sherman Park this weekend.

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