Province to review vaping regulations

The Alberta government is launching a review into the tobacco and smoking reduction act, with an aim on regulating vaping.

With 25 per cent of high school students admitting to vaping in the last month, Health Minister Tyler Shandro says it’s necessary to gather evidence and change the act to protect children.

The review is set to begin on November 1, and will include consultations with both stakeholders and experts. That will include vape stores, schools and medical officials.

Government officials are also working to create a forum for public input on the topic.

The legislation hasn’t been reviewed since 2012, and doesn’t currently mention vaping, or the use of tobacco-like products such as hookah’s or water pipes in public places.

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The goal of the review is to lower vaping and smoking rates among kids by making amendments to the legislation.

According to Chair of the review, Calgary-Klein MLA Jeremy Nixon, there’s three specific areas of the legislation they’re looking at changing.

“This review is a great opportunity to consider building on the gaps of legislation around vaping. To look at provincial minimum age for vaping products and consumption, possession and sale, to consider the use of vaping in public places and work places and to strengthen restrictions around advertising and promotion of vaping products especially to our youth,” he says.

The review is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, and suggestions for amendments to the act will be presented at the Spring session in the legislature.

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