Tara Veer returns from meetings with 21 other mayors

Red Deer’s mayor and city manager are returning from this week’s mid-sized mayors’ caucus meetings in Lethbridge with eyes on continuing to advocate for paths to economic growth, jobs, and diversification.

Tara Veer and Allan Seabrooke were in attendance alongside representatives from 21 other municipalities this week to focus on responding to common issues, and pushing for partnerships with the Government of Alberta.

The meetings included a visit from Municipal Affairs Kaycee Madu and Premier Jason Kenney, who highlighted the need for red tape reduction and attracting investment.

“The Alberta mid-sized Mayors’ and Chief Administration Officers’ caucus meeting is just one opportunity we have as local governments to collectively strategize, emphasize and advocate for common issues,” said Veer. “Local governments have a responsibility to represent the needs of citizens and their communities at a local level. It is critical that we, as municipalities, work with the provincial government as they build out and implement strategies aimed at economic, fiscal and social sustainability for the province and cities like Red Deer.”

Veer was also elected to the executive board of the Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ caucus.

The Alberta Mid-Sized Cities Mayors’ and CAOs’ Caucus is comprised of 22 cities and towns from across the province with the goal of solutions to respond to matters of common interest and advocates for the needs of Alberta’s mid-sized municipalities.

Red Deer set to host the spring 2020 meeting of the caucus.