Man Injured in Officer-Involved Shooting at Homeless Camp Near Terrace Hill

DES MOINES, Iowa – An officer-involved shooting injured one person Friday afternoon in an area just south of Terrace Hill in Des Moines, near a homeless camp.

Sgt. Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department says the incident began a little after noon when officers were responding to a complaint about a homeless camp in the area of the 2300  block of Terrace Road, down by the railroad tracks.

While officers were in the camp they came in contact with some people who had outstanding warrants and while they were dealing with that, they encountered a man who was not cooperative with police and jumped in the river.

Police had called for a wet team to come get the man out of the river but Sgt. Parizek says the man exited the river on his own and armed himself with a weapon so they called off the wet team. The man then ran toward officers, ignoring their commands to drop the weapon, and that’s when an officer shot him once.

The man was hit in the upper abdomen and transported to the hospital for treatment. He was alert and talking when he left the scene but Sgt. Parizek doesn’t know what his current condition is.

Police have not released the person’s name or the name of the officer who shot him.