The South Dakota Department of Transportation is advising motorists that portions of I-90 will remain closed overnight and remain closed until further notice.

WESTBOUND (from Sioux Falls)
Open to Local Traffic Only Sioux Falls (Marion Road Exit 395) to Humboldt Exit 379. I-29 on-ramp to I-90 is Closed.
CLOSED Humboldt Exit 379 to Bridgewater Exit 357
Open Bridgewater Exit 379 west
Open to Mitchell
Open to Local Traffic Only Mitchell Exit 330 to Bridgewater Exit 357
CLOSED Bridgewater Exit 357 to Humboldt Exit 379
Open Humboldt to Sioux Falls

Water has continued to rise in the closed areas of I-90 and with the already overly saturated ground, it will take some time for waters to recede.

Officials are asking that motorists DO NOT DRIVE AROUND BARRICADES, unless the route is noted as open to LOCAL traffic only.

The suggested detour route for through I-90 traffic is I-29, Highway 14 and highways 37 and 281. Map is attached and available on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/southdakotadot

Local roads have also been hit hard by flooding and may not be an option to get around flooded state highway routes.

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