<div>Atom 1.35</div>

Atom 1.35

With Atom 1.35 comes a fix for the recent Chrome vulnerability, ability to view the full diff for pull requests directly within Atom, and a variety of enhancements and stability improvements.

Chrome Vulnerability Fix

You might have heard about a high-severity vulnerability in Chrome, involving remote code execution. Electron has published a fix, which we have pulled into Atom. Be diligent about upgrading any other apps you run that are powered by Chromium.

Commit Details

Have you ever committed some changes, had a brain fart, and then thought to yourself “what the heck did I just write?” :scream: Worry not — now you can more easily perform code archaeology in the comfort of your editor. The GitHub package now supports viewing the contents of any commit in a pane. To try it out, you can either click on a commit in the “Recent Commits” view, or you can use the command palette (github:open-commit) and input the SHA of any commit in the current repository. Good news for keyboard users, too: the recent commits view now supports keyboard navigation.


Pull Request Diffs

The GitHub pull request view has a new tab that shows all files changed in that pull request. It allows users to view pull requests diffs without context switching to GitHub.com, and brings us one step closer to code review in the editor.


Community Contribution Highlights

Shout out to contributor @karevn for making it so that File -> Open works even if there are no open Atom windows.

Do you love trying to log in when you can’t see what you’re typing? Neither do we! Props to community contributor @ericcornelissen for adding the ability to show and hide password text in the SSH password field.

There are many more details in the release notes.

Don’t forget to check out all the other improvements shipping with Atom 1.35 in the release notes! :memo:

Atom Beta

Atom 1.36 Beta

Atom 1.36 gives you a faster fuzzy finder, comments in the GitHub pull request view, and a smoother Atom upgrade process on macOS and Windows.

Fuzzy Finder Performance

Once upon a time, there was a noticeable lag between when you opened Atom with a large repository, and when you could use the fuzzy finder to actually open files. Thanks to some smart detective work, fuzzy finder performance is now much improved! This release shaves a whopping 40% off the time it takes to index files in medium and large repositories.

Smoother Atom Upgrades

We have heard from users that Atom updates can be a headache, and we are listening. Now, Atom users on macOS will no longer have to restart Atom twice during the update process. For our Windows users, we’ve fixed an unfortunate regression that caused Atom to believe it couldn’t automatically update on Windows while core.automaticallyUpdate was set to false.

GitHub Package Improvements

The GitHub package now allows you to read comments on pull requests without leaving the comfort of your editor. You can also collapse and expand any files within multi-file diff views (such as commit preview and the pull request files view). Large files are collapsed by default, because you probably don’t need to see those 800 lines of package-lock.json changes in such great detail. (And if you do, just expand them!)

pull requests comments

Also, keyboard shortcuts for finding text now work within the diff view. That’ll make it easier to remove all those forgotten console.log() statements you were about to commit.

find text

Community Contribution Highlights

Get ready for some love to the settings view from longtime maintainers. Thanks to @arcanemagus, settings view now uses the repository URL defined by atom.io, preventing potential author impersonation issues. Single quotes are now escaped correctly in CSON files thanks to @aerijo, so go forth and copy paste from your snippets file.

Sometimes, better empty states fill the emptiness inside. All jokes aside, props to first time contributor @robertrossmann for polishing the remote selector and no remove views.

Writing code isn’t the only way to contribute to Atom. Bug reports are also a crucial component of a healthy open source project. Props to @issacgerges for reporting a problem with the keybinding resolver incorrectly resolving non-Latin characters, which we were able to fix in this release.

There are many more details in the release notes.

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