Roger Federer is in Rapperswil-Jona on the shores of the lake free to view

Since the middle of July is Roger Federer, owner of a plot of land at the lake of Zurich. 16’000 square meters. With direct Lake access. In the country at Rapperswil-Jona SG, the Tennis Star plans to build his new home.

The prominent Name is Roger Federer now calls the club Rives Publiques on the Plan. This is fighting for the continuous public lakefront pathways in the whole of Switzerland, and would like to do with Federer once more on his concerns to the attention of.

“it is My goal of the Swiss population to have access to your property to return,” says Victor von Wartburg (76) last year to VIEW. Your property the shores of the lake were. The pensioner support his view with a variety of laws, Federal court rulings, contracts, and long-forgotten titles.

“The plot of land he is allowed to buy”

In a letter to the Rapperswil and St. Gallen cantonal authorities, writes from the Wartburg: “We are convinced that you are obliged to call for Mr Federer, with a boardwalk right on the water front of his property. The plot of land he is allowed to buy and use, the Public belonging to the the shore of the country, however. As all of the owners on the lake, you can also shore, he only Anstösser and not See-Anstösser be.” The jurisdiction is however, been controversial for years.

The Association sees this prompt in turn as a Chance for Federer to get into the good light. Von Wartburg writes: “in Addition, Federer is given the unique opportunity to make a name for yourself in this matter again as an Idol, he guaranteed with a signature on the land registry the free passage in front of his property with a public walk-in Seeuferweg.”

A reaction of the political authorities to the request is still pending. Also the Tennis Star, who is currently at the ATP tournament in Cincinnati, has not acted yet. (rib)

The requirement is clear: Victor von Wartburg of the Rives Publiques want the lake to take on Roger Federer’s property in Rapperswil-Jona SG for the Public is free to access. “There is neither a legal nor a moral obligation to allow this”, says Marie-Theres Huser.

Huser is in Spiess + Partner, attorney-at-law and specialist in Construction law. “For a Seeuferweg no cantonal law basis. Moreover, such a path would be a structural intervention in the protected waterfront landscape, what a balance of interest, plan procedures and credit of the taxpayer commitments mandatory power.”

the Argument That the large part of the Swiss lake was already installed, makes Houses so do not apply. “Just in the city of Rapperswil-Jona, there is already a lot of attractive public Seezugänge.” And also the fear that Federer could use the

the banks, as it feared Of Wartburg, was unfounded. “In Switzerland, a minimum distance of 20 meters to the waters. It has also Federer.”

The Federer-plot of land close to, is for ordinary citizens, nevertheless, not impossible. There is no law that would forbid to swim in the water along the Shore … (leu)