David Loher is not an isolated case: SBB rely on External view

This was too much for David Loher (56): The unemployed train conductor has not been used on the SBB site, although he was really qualified. “Hopelessly overwhelmed” he built a lot of luck no bad accidents (VIEW reported).

Loher was not employed directly in the SBB, he worked for the temporary staffing Agency West staff, the Loher on behalf of the rail construction firm Sersa hired, which in turn was used as a Subcontractor on a construction site, with the help of SBB, the railway construction company Müllerbau had commissioned.

SBB rely on External

Not an isolated case: The SBB store, more and more construction activities to third parties. By 2025, it wants to give full responsibility for half of the Track changes to external General contractors, such as the “Switzerland reported on the weekend,” nearly a year ago.

The state-owned enterprises are hoping for “more efficient use of taxpayers ‘money”. But as the case of David Loher, shows, suffers, especially the safety including. Because neither the Sersa, in whose behalf Loher worked, the SBB had immediately after the two Almost-accidents, knowledge about the incidents.


So, the Sersa wrote on a VIEW-request: “no message was received, in which two near-accidents have occurred. The responsibility for the construction site in Sursee LU is not in the Sersa.”

For the SBB, in turn, it is a mystery why the employer of a third-party company is not informed of the misconduct of its employees. This despite the fact that “in the case of near-accidents, in principle, a reporting obligation to the competent Authorities, the SBB” would be, “what is this sign, in turn, the companies involved”.