Lawsuit Claims Former Dowling Catholic Student Was Sexually Assaulted on Campus

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Dowling Catholic High School and several staff members are facing a lawsuit after a former student says she was sexually assaulted on campus.

Dowling Catholic High School, a principal, a teacher, a counselor and a former student are all listed as defendants.

According to court documents, back in 2017 a 17-year-old student was allegedly forced into performing oral sex on a recent Dowling graduate in the school parking lot after a school-sponsored event. The lawsuit says the school and staff members failed to provide adequate security, follow a safety plan, investigate the incident and violated the alleged victim’s privacy.

The alleged suspect is the son of two Dowling staff members. When the victim’s father asked the principal if the situation would have been handled differently if the accused graduate’s parents were not school employees, the defendant responded yes “because the parents were his colleagues, he felt he owed them a professional courtesy to inform them of the plaintiff’s allegations.”

No criminal charges have been filed. A temporary no-contact order between the plaintiff and alleged assaulter is in place.

A hearing is scheduled for next month.

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