With these tips, you can maintain your clothes correctly – view

Down jackets washing

you can throw your down jacket in the washing machine, without the springs sticking. The Trick is not to Wash, but Drying. You give the Tumblers a three-to-five tennis balls in the drum. So the springs are well distributed.

repel moths

The uninvited little guests can easily from your closet scare. Place a cooked lemon shells filled with a gauze bag in the closet. Or give you small pieces of cedar wood in the dress pockets. In order to expel any moth.

grass stains eliminate

grass stains, you can remove quite easily. RUB them with a little Butter and wash then with soap and boiling water. If this procedure is not enough, you can wet the spots with lemon juice and place the garment a second Time to wash out.

smell of smoke do not remove the

smoke to hang-filled clothes in the fresh air, brings a lot of. Better put it over night on the heating. Or give the clothes for ten minutes in the tumble dryer. After that, you again, smell so fresh, as if they had been washed.

kink-free features:

in order for your boots throughout the Winter staying in shape, you should not put the Wear just in the closet – so bend the stems pretty sure. Place a water-filled plastic bottle or a rolled-up newspaper in the boots.

A Bikini should sit well and look good. However, you have found the perfect Badi companion, he will lose after the season is frequently the Form and color. Five tips, so the Bikini exudes as long as possible.

Warm, soft and light as a feather: A piece of clothing made of cashmere is special. With our care tips the joy of the expensive fabric remains for a long time.

No Tangling, no nodules – properly maintained, looks delicate wool clothes, long as you fresh from the Store. But wants to be carefully maintained. It tolerates neither too hot water nor strong scratch, otherwise they are matted or goes.