The Swiss make the injured NBA Superstar Kevin Durant fit – view

It happened at the beginning of June: In game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors, Kevin Durant (30) hurt hard. The Superstar of the Golden State Warriors, the Achilles tear tendon!

Durant, for many experts, the best player on the planet, missing his Team painful. The gentlemen of siegen in the fifth game of the final series. But in game 6 the Warriors: Toronto to the bag, picks against the weakened favorites of the championship.

“It hurts me extremely to move,” Durant shortly thereafter, on Instagram today. The injury, but also the lost title.

Monster contract with the Nets

But the Small Forward has to look forward. In the summer, he signs a Monster contract with the Brooklyn Nets, which brings him in four years 164 million US dollars. In addition he makes to the Rehabilitation.

Here is a Swiss company comes into play. “We had one day of a request, whether we can deliver a device in the United States,” says Kaspar Schmocker, founder of the coordination device manufacturer Sensopro to VIEW. “Actually, we don’t do this. But it was quickly clear that it must be the customer is a big number.” It does: It’s Durant that would have for 28’000 Swiss francs a Schmockers training machines. Peanuts for a guy who earns in a year, around 40 million.

“Were entertained by Durant’s private chef”

“He builds up in his Villa in Beverly Hills, a private fitness center,” said Schmocker. “So we have brought one of our devices to Los Angeles.” Construction and Installation for the Swiss experience: The multi-storey Villa of the Basketball Superstars is located at a Prime location in the noble district of the California metropolis. “We were there all day, were entertained by Durant’s private chef. Sensational!”

And also the Lord of the house, personally takes care of his guests. “Kevin has made a very down-to-earth impression,” said Schmocker. “He has asked a lot of questions. To the device, but also otherwise. He wanted to know where we come from, whether it is to visit Switzerland once. He has taken a lot of time for us.”

“do what you gotta do”

Even when one must bend from Schmockers colleagues from the gastro-intestinal-problems plagued about Durant’s luxury-toilet-bowl, it shows “KD” not shocked. “Do what you have to do,” he told him, completely relaxed.

The gentlemen are now better. And the NBA Superstar has a few new Fans in Switzerland. And perhaps the more US-sizes as customer. Mouth-to-mouth-Propaganda by one of the greatest players in the history of Basketball, not because of damage, definitely.