Brad Pitt about Hollywood, Pitbulls and Leonardo DiCaprio – view

If you believe the gossip, then the divorce with Angelina Jolie (44) and the months of the year has him worn down for a long scramble to the custody of the children. But this is not true apparently. Or Brad Pitt (55) is also a super actor. Because the guy who starts with “let’s go” the Interview, is presented as a total ray of man. Funny, confident, vigorous. Nevertheless, questions regarding personal problems are off-limits. Not even about his Film “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” approach to the themes of women, love or marriage. In the new work of cult Director Quentin Tarantino (56) plays Pitt Stuntman Cliff Booth, the only one who is not interested in His friendship with the TV Star Rick Dalton (played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

Brad Pitt (smiling): With your. You would be very offended if they would hear it.

no, I’ll leave that to coaches as well as the Animal.

Yes, two. With whom I cuddle and go swim with them. You are in the Film. Have you seen a Pitbull licking my neck?

That was my.

I play a Stuntman. Because you have to be in better shape. I’ve been trying to feed me during the filming of good and to keep fit.

Are popular hamburgers and Pizza.

Have you seen me in the movie with the car around the curves, zoom?

(Laughs.) That was not me. My Stuntman risking his neck, while I hang out in my wardrobe. I can admire him and his colleagues only.

So long ago? Today’s Hollywood can not compare with the of the time. We live in the age of Streaming channels. As a result, more people get in my business so a lot of work like never before. For me, Hollywood is still giving always a place where stories come to life. Where films that make us Laugh, inform us, and the reproach of human nature, the mirror. But the Glamour side, very interested to be honest, the me never.

80s famous. How do you keep so long in the industry? By separating self-esteem from the show business. What are the roles you get is a very superficial thing. Much more important is whether it preserves its attitude, and human relationships retains.

Brad Pitt (55) sang as a child in the children’s choir, and was brought up very religious. His first Job in Hollywood as a Chauffeur for strippers. He celebrated his breakthrough in 1991 in the cult movie “Thelma & Louise”. Since then, he has become one of the most famous actors ever. Among his biggest box-office Hits Fight Club” (1999), “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) and “World war Z” (2013)”. Pitt was in a relationship with Juliette Lewis (46), Gwyneth Paltrow (46), Jennifer Aniston (50) and Angelina Jolie (44). With the Latter, he delivers a nasty divorce war.

DiCaprio working together. Have you gone on the Set of friends? Not really. He is totally overrated (laughs). Seriously, he is a great guy, I have a lot of respect for him. We have understood from the first day. We know exactly what the other is going through, because we are made in the same Ecosystem gross. We both had to find our way. We have sacrificed for our Job, many freedoms, including privacy. The bonds us together.

My best friends I’ve had for 30 years. Thank God I met you right at the beginning of my career.

Upon a Time … in Hollywood” a pretty fearless types . They are private so a daredevil? depends what you mean by “fearless”. When it comes to climb Mount Everest, then that’s not my thing. To be fearless means to me, to raise his voice against injustices. And to do that I try.

where I live. Just below the famous lettering. I can see the Hollywood sign from my house.

nonsense. I enjoy the Job very much. I have simply said in an Interview that each Film is a big commitment. You have to leave your family, because you were hanging around up to half a year on a Set. As a young unattached guy can be quite funny, but when you get older, the nerves also. I don’t want to be on the go so often, so I look for the roles in the meantime some careful. But in retirement I’m not going for a long time.