Sabine Dahinden at the Fête des Vignerons – view

connected to The SRF-summer program has been inseparable for years with Sabine Dahinden (50). Since 2011, the popular Urnerin has a summer series that you led last year on an ambitious Tour through the mountains. From savings such adventures are integrated grounds now in your normal program “Schweiz aktuell”. However, your stage heuer even bigger and more spectacular. Dahinden reported by the 15. to 19. July on SRF 1 from the Fête des Vignerons in Vevey, VD, a Mega-event that takes place only once per Generation and about a Million visitors to the Welsch country. “First of all, the Fête was for me, not a concept. But in the meantime I am, of course, up-to-date,” says Dahinden. “In the four hundred year-old Tradition is to honor the work of the winemakers. In the centre of the activities, the live spectacle of 20’000 spectators, is the Arena with 5500 participants.”

“giant stick and at the same time creative,”

The presenter was the last Monday for the first time on site to tune in. “It is incredibly impressive to see how much work is behind it and how many people with commitment and passion involved. All voluntarily and usually without a fee. This gigantic and at the same time Creative has hit me in a moment in the spell. Of the dimensions forth the Feast reminds me of the Expo.02.”

help protect from the husband

then, dens, man, the well-known heart surgeon Thierry Carrel (59) that, since 2010, is married, native of Freiburg, which has helped her in the preparations. “Maybe thought my Boss: Sabine has a man from the West of Switzerland, which would fit. And indeed, As I told Thierry to home that I about the Fête des Vignerons reports, he told me that he had played in 1977 itself – as a trombonist. And he explained to me the deeper meaning and significance of the Feast.”

“Want to know who I am”

But actually it was pure coincidence that she had ended up in this topic. A deeper relationship with the wine culture has Dahinden namely. “This is my home Canton. When I was a child, was grown there still a barely wine. But this has changed: Now there are even above my parents ‘ house was a Vineyard. This is a nice gift: a bottle of wine from Uri.” Also, you yourself like to drink a glass of. “To eat more red wine, for aperitif or when I don’t want to be tired, prefer white wine.” But never too much, because you to contract just a little. “I want to know who I am and where my path leads me.”

It is a Feast for the history books: The Fête des Vignerons is a tribute to the wine culture of an entire Region that is celebrated for centuries, with a spectacular performance, and the coronation of the wine-growers and Rebarbeiter.

The Fête des Vignerons draws from 18. July to 11. August around one Million people to Vevey VD on lake Geneva. And since it takes place only every 20 to 25 years, pays a visit to the largest Weinfests Switzerland even more.

The Mega-occasion looks back on over 200 years of history, to the life of the Fête des Vignerons in 1797, was called in as a for the first time, the best Rebbauern this Region were chosen. Since then, the tribute was to the wine-growing culture is becoming bigger and bigger. The most famous inhabitants of Vevey, Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977), knew how to appreciate it. He referred to the Feast after his visit in 1959 as “the most Beautiful thing he saw in his entire life”.

in 2016, took up the Unesco, the event into the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the international travel guide “Lonely Planet” is one in Vevey this year, because of the Fête of the ten most important destinations in Europe.

at the heart of The Weinfests forms a two and a half hour live show, performed every evening in the purpose-on the Place du Marché-built Arena with 20’000 seats. Over 6000 artists with work in the by Daniele Finzi Pasca (59) designed a spectacle to the wine year. Pasca for the closing ceremony of the Olympic games 2006 in Turin (I), and the Olympic games of 2014 in Sochi (Russia) responsible.

But it is celebrated outside the stadium in the next few weeks: Under the Motto of “Ville en Fête” (dt. City in the mood for a celebration) in around 60 wine cellars, Bars and Restaurants, and on numerous stages a varied program. Is rounded off by 19 Inn Canton days.

For the arrival and departure Of the SBB put into the stuff you put 1000 extra trains and increase 1800 regular trains with additional cars to bring wine fans from all over the world to the lake of Geneva. “Vevey this summer the capital of Switzerland,” says François Margot, President of the Confrérie des Vignerons.