Police searching near Jordan River for additional evidence in MacKenzie Lueck homicide investigation

SALT LAKE CITY — Police are searching along the Jordan River Parkway Trail for more evidence in the MacKenzie Lueck murder investigation Monday.

Sgt. Brandon Shearer of Salt Lake City Police said the search is focused in the area of 700 North and Jordan River Parkway Trail.

Shearer said officers were in that area doing outreach with people experiencing homelessness, and while in the area they stumbled across evidence connected to the Lueck case.

Police would not elaborate on what kind of evidence was found.

Lueck was reported missing last month, and Ayoola Ajayi has since been charged with kidnapping and murder in connection with her death. Prosecutors said cell phone data led them to Logan Canyon, where Lueck’s body was recovered.

The suspect was scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday.