In ‘Sword Of Trust,’ A Questionable Antique, An Unquestionable Cast

When Cynthia (Jillian Bell) and her partner (Michaela Watkins) arrive in small-town Alabama for the reading of her grandfather’s will, she thinks they’re inheriting a house. But to pay for his final years, he’d taken out a reverse mortgage, so instead, she’s handed … an antique sword. Disappointed, they head to a local pawnshop to spin a tale that will seduce the pawnbroker (Marc Maron) into parting with substantial cash. In the story they tell — cribbed from her grandfather’s clearly unhinged diary entries — Cynthia’s distant ancestor, a Field Marshal in the Confederate army, was given the sword when the Union General Sheridan surrendered it to him, at the “Battle of Chickabauga.” The pawnbroker (Marc Maron) points out that there’s no record of any such battle ever happening. That’s because, they assure him, her grandfather had evidence that it was buried from the history books by the “Deep State” — the shadow government — to hide the truth that the South, in fact, won the Civil War