Guns-N’-Roses-guitarist Slash will be rocking the Montreux – view

no one had looked at the clock – but his longest Solo lasted like a quarter of an hour: So long as it is Slash (53) howl, bellow, squeal, and whimper. And always with a lot of feeling. Together with “Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators” had a London-born American who has already sold millions of panels, and with nearly all the giants of the music world played in the large festival hall rip.

Clearly, the roles are: vocalist Myles Kennedy and the other musicians create the reliable basis, but the audience wants to Slash especially. The introverted-looking guy with the sunglasses and the cylinder just want to play.

Since it needs neither fuss nor Bombast, nor Beigemüse on the stage, neither light effects projections. The only decorative element is neatly arranged in a number of mascots are the right rear: plastic dinosaurs (Slash loves the Urviecher), a skull and a knitted small Slash. Apparently, The Fishing Tavern. For the 4000-Slash-Younger it could go on forever. However, after a good two hours of the conclusion is – and you will leave grateful for the Auditorium Stravinski.