The VIEW: Nati-Manager-says-search is a tragedy – view

Now wants to be Alain Sutter, not Nati-Manager. It would be surprising if on Monday not pus Pierluigi Tami outside, would be introduced.

it clearly is to be classified: The Ticino, according to Christoph Spycher, who remained in the case of YB, and Georg Heitz, who did not want the third or fourth choice. A man who was one and a half years without a Job, and most recently at Lugano was released, can’t come from the Position of strength.

The Nati-Manager-search over the whole months – it acts as a grief game. It has taken months of long-term and at the end of a stopgap, that is a shame. But, the list of candidates by Bernhard Heusler, with Spycher, Bickel, Sutter, Knäbel, Knup, and Gerber had to guess, that it’s not going to be any creative solution. You will be fishing in the staid and dull Swiss football pond.

a Pity, don’t you have a chat with football philosophers such as Matthias Sammer at least. But okay, Tami has earned a Chance. He knows as an Ex-U21 coach of the Association and some of the players.

But critically, you have to say that Petkovic Tami is very hard to accept as the new chief. Especially since the national team Coach about the appointment of the new Manager was sayings like: “he Makes the statement?” It is important for Tami to do something that Petkovic, after five years in office, barely doing: travel and player visit. You value, appreciate, awareness. And because the communication is.

Tami was not to his time as a coach in the Public as a great orator. This is a hot topic, with a view to improving the communication and the national communicate Coach will be disastrous.

A large field in Social Media that needs to be radically expanded in order to bring the success closer to the Fans. There is the Spanish Ex-Nati-Trainer Luis Enrique, who has made every single line-up to an Event in a Video, letters of the names read to the drilldown said that, his choice. There are clubs such as Schalke, take on, ironically on the shovel. It was announced after the weak last season on a Video of his Highlights of the season – and then showed only the goals of the victory against the hated rivals Dortmund.

This is the second important pillar on which the new team now has to be constructed. Athletically, the goal is to finally create a world Cup or European championship quarter – final on top of everything. The common was the third choice, maybe the right thing to do.