Province introduces bill to help newcomers get their work credentials recognized

EDMONTON – Alberta is bringing in new rules to ensure that foreign-trained professionals get speedy action as they seek to get accreditation to work.

Labour Minister Jason Copping says too many newcomers are under-employed because they have to wait months or even years for their credentials to be recognized.

He says that not only hurts them, it hurts the provincial economy because it is deprived of their expertise.

Bill 11 would create an office to work with regulatory bodies to make sure that newcomers get interim decisions on accreditation within six months.

Full accreditation, if warranted, would come within a reasonable time after that.

Copping says the goal is to bring speed and transparency to the system without sacrificing Alberta’s high standards of certification.

The legislation would apply to all professional regulatory organizations in Alberta, including doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, and accountants.