Magdalena Martullo-Blocher: What the Left, I live

14. June. Across the country, hundreds of thousands of women for more equal rights on the road. Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49) has to do “Better”.

On Saturday, the day after the woman’s strike, to be held at the Ems-Chemie, the day of the open door. For the first time after twelve years. The entrepreneur expects to see more than 10’000 guests on the company’s site in Domat/Ems GR. Before the feast has to be controlled tent for 2500 people, as well as the exhibition of Ems products and the Fund office on the huge Area. Chief internal thing.

So Martullo of the Session rushes in Bern to Graubünden and gives final instructions: “The shield must be higher.” – “The threshold has to go.” – “Here in the morning at least six people have to stand.” The employees nod and write it down. It will still get quite a lot of work on it. “If we do something, right,” says Martullo.

A woman is your wife. How is it with feminism? “Shortly after I had been transferred to Ems, I checked the wage equality with us. And found: We have equal pay. As a businesswoman and a mother, I live all the demands of the Left, a long time ago.”

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher: We are a very technical operation, that is why we have more men than women. Most women, even in higher positions, we will deal with in China and America. In Brazil, for example, we have a managing Director.

I am against forcing women into technical professions. Women should not have to nothing. Even if a woman chooses to be a housewife and mother, should be recognized.

Martullo but the opposite of the traditional family model lives on and is even a bit surprised: “I never thought, that my man, look to the children, and had at the beginning rather doubt.”

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49) earned their spurs in the first economy. After the degree in Economics at the HSG, she was a product Manager at Johnson & Johnson, and later marketing Manager at Rivella. In 2001, she joined the Ems group, her father Christoph Blocher (78). As this was chosen in 2003 in the Federal Council, took you are pregnant, the management of the chemical company. In 2015, it was the Grisons, as a Zurich-for the SVP-elected to the national Council.

Martullo-Blocher lives with her husband Roberto Martullo (57) and three children aged 17, 15 and 12 years in Meilen ZH.

no. But I wondered, how does it change our relationship. There were already Fears: Met him? We will be discussing about the children education? After all, I made a piece of control. Today I can say that It works well.

Yes, he is still politically active and is involved in the community: he Currently trains the football team of our youngest daughter for the grümpel tournament.

In Blochers the performance principle applies. Father Christoph (78) chose the oldest daughter to the stem holder, as Head of the Ems-group, as a politician, as a future matriarch of the family. She has not disappointed him.

The Ems is under your leadership will be even more successful than before. In politics, the feisty HSG arrived graduate. Set the tone in the SVP group, with a seat in the influence of business Commission of the national Council. Ultimately, almost no one believes that this woman will not move in the next few years, in the Federal Council and to the disgrace of this office, hunted father will pay off.

Oh, come on! (Laughs) I’m an entrepreneur and don’t want to leave the company. Unfortunately, the Federal Council is organized administratively and has little time to act strategically. The SVP but has a lot of good candidates.

the Federal Council or not – first you have to create it again to the Parliament. Four years ago Martullo was able to conquer their seat just. And currently the SVP voters to lose. You must so tremble. “Politics is always lucky”, she pragmatically. “But Yes: Graubünden has a few seats, which will be difficult – especially if all the parties are uniting against us. But I’ve always known that I am only elected for four years and I have to prove it.”

the Council of States ? relative to the Council of States we will announce more in the summer. For the national Council, the SVP of Grisons, many strong candidates, so, for example, the cantonal farmers ‘ Association President. As a mountain Canton of Graubünden, is dependent on a good representation in Bern.

The are used to the Grisons from the tourism point of view (laughs mischievously). I think you have got used with me. More important is for you what I can do for you in terms of hydropower, industry, agriculture and more.

the day of the open door more than 13’000 people come finally. For over a year, was planned, organized, built. Ferris wheel, bouncy castles, sausage Free – you don’t even want to imagine what the cost. A six-figure sum, says Martullo. “We like to be generous on such occasions. “We” are the big shareholders: they and sister Rahel Blocher (42). Family. Since it is self-evident that Christoph Blocher, the former Patron Saint, the Feast come to pay his respects. As well as Martullos husband Roberto and three children.

Some people say that the expensive Feast is held without reason and in an election year. How Martullo currently a very big show quickly in the Canton, and “in Bern below” for each subsidy, strong power, of which the Grisons benefits.

no. The international tourism market has become tougher. More and more destinations to advertise to guests. Switzerland does not have to be sold, just because we are cheap. Such advertising costs money, but it also brings something. In Grisons, every second job depends on tourism – I am in Bern for it.

I don’t politicize, only in the election year. I have used the past four years, for the Grisons in tourism around the Online adhesion contracts and the lower VAT rate. The Bündner appreciate it.

you will also appreciate the “Tour de Grison”, the Martullo in the summer: it’s on dozens of occasions in the whole of the Canton present, will participate in Buurezmorge and at village festivals to see. And there, on the big issues, immigration and the fight against the “EU-dictation talk–”. Even if it is one hundred percent on the party line, seems to access to be more pragmatic.

Mr Juncker is not gives us a week’s time, this is simply serious! Finally, it is far-reaching problems. You can’t adjust so quickly. In addition, he is not willing to change the contract text a bit. But that would be necessary. Juncker only wants to make a bit of cosmetics. That’s not enough.

no. These are only three problems with the Adoption of EU law. But we want to not have to do otherwise just EU law. You have to imagine the times: So we can trading with the EU, should we accept their legislation with us. Where is there such a thing? Nowhere. We’re here to decide. With the EU dictates this is no longer possible.

Our customers in the EU, it does not care whether we have the same laws. On the contrary, you find it good, when we have a better framework. Because we are faster, more flexible and more innovative. That’s why they buy our products.

Martullo-is Blocher convinced that For the Export to Switzerland does not need the framework agreement. “But only the free trade agreement of 1972. On the massive set of rules of the EU, we can do without – that makes us only even more expensive. The free movement of persons, sets of our people under wage pressure. Especially the Elderly find it more and more.” The woman in the industry wants to continue to be in Bern to present and will be in the election campaign, everything.

I’m not a professional politician, but an entrepreneur. Should I be elected, I sit in the free time on my terrace in Lenzerheide, enjoy the play the mountain view and learn hand-organ. This is also nice.