Poster breakdown: SVPlerin is SP-Molina Spray-Nachhilfe – view

You might think, as former Juso President, he knows with spray cans and Transparent. Of due! An embarrassing poster-glitch made SP-national councillor Fabian Molina (28) last week for the laughing stock in the Federal house. The Zurich had spray-painted for the wife, strike at the bottom a Transparent. However, the color is pushed through and damaged the parquet floor in the Parliament building. From the secretly planned to strike-Coup is a costly event for the insurance.

The Basel SVP national councillor Sandra to Berger (45) was able to shake whether or not the action just the head. They had been called on Thursday evening by the house staff waiting to help, to survey the damage. As a painter, master finally, a professional woman.

Spray-tutoring for Molina

to Berger, has left colleagues in Parliament but it is not just Schadenfreude left, but also solid tips. VIEW hits by the Federal councillor in your painting company in Bubendorf BL, where the former history and philosophy of tutoring students in terms of transparent paint, should he attack, once again, to the spray can.

“He used a Spray that contains a very aggressive solvent,” is to be criticized Berger. Significantly less dangerous and better for the environment – be Sprays on an acrylic base. In addition, the proper protective equipment is important that you bring him. Not least, it needs always a situation. “But, Yes actually, every school child.” Molina, however, obviously not.

hide-and-seek, the SP-force

The SPler has apologized for the mishap and announced that he was coming, of course, for the damage. Screwed up he is, however, not only the soil, but also the woman’s strike action, which had he and a few other SP-concocted parliamentarians secretly. Your Plan: During the strike break in the Parliament, they wanted to hang the Molina besprayte Transparent to the facade of the Federal house.

With a game of hide and seek, the SP tried to prevent the squad on Friday morning that the Coup after the poster-breakdown completely into the water. The SVP had noticed that on Molina’s name, two spaces were in the Federal house reserved. Her was suspicious, so she spoke to SP group chief Roger Nordmann on the thing, how to LOOK white. Shortly thereafter, Molina’s Name was missing on the reservation screen, and the names of two other SPlern stood there instead.

“In the Talk, he is better than in the Paint”

The Parties do not want to speak for the Secrecy to continue. What is clear is that At the end, fluttered on the facade of the Federal house, only two small purple Banner, and to the office of the SP a Reminder letter from the President of the Austrian Parliament and party comrade Marina Carobbio (53).

group chief Nordmann (46) is clueless. “It was an action of Molina. I didn’t know.” For him the main thing, the roadside painters the penitent shows. Nordmann dry: “In the Talk, he is better than in the Paint.”

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