Talented artist using painting to form disconnected stories

Miami-based artist, Shateek Brown, combines collage, drawing, and painting to tell multiple stories

Shateek Brown is a Miami-based talented artist that is poised with changing the world by using his talent and creativity to provide original contemporary art for sale from disconnected stories and ultimately leaving a trail of his existence via art pieces. The works offered by Shateek are particularly unique, drawing inspiration from his environment, sourcing all of his materials either from magazines and paper clippings from his neighborhood, consequently creating abstract yet thought-provoking art pieces.

Art has been described as a means of expressing one’s inner feeling and one artist that seems to be reiterating this claim is Miami-based Shateek Brown. Many artists have used their creativity and ingenuity to treat art lovers and other such persons across the globe with amazing pieces. Unfortunately, many of the art pieces that are currently flooded the world of art do not particularly provoke the reasoning of art collectors and buyers alike. This is where Shateek is looking to put a twist by creating art pieces that anyone can easily relate with while telling multiple stories through every piece.

Shateek has always had art in his DNA, loving the feeling of holding a crayon or a pastel in his hand. The unforgiving nature of the drawing materials that allow him to unfold without regret of choice spurred him into making different pieces. Shateek has continued to develop his talent since the purchase of his first huge box of Crayola crayons, drawing inspiration from his environment and happenings around him.

Shateek Brown is making his unique talent and art pieces easily accessible to lovers of arts and other such clients across the globe by offering free shipping on each purchase. This further underlines his desire to ensure that he leaves a mark on the world while existing and even after his passage, a goal that has continued to drive his passion and desire to create art pieces.

“My aim is to tell multiple stories in each and every one of my pieces while referencing either my surroundings or state of mind. I want my audience to have a strong reaction to my work, encouraging them to connect the dots in each piece, or collective,” says Shateek Brown.

More information about Shateek Brown and his unique art pieces can be found on his website. Shateek Brown is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Shateek Brown

Shateek Brown is a Miami-based artist that aims to explore the overarching themes of commercialism, and renewable energy, articulating textures using textiles and actual strokes of his tools to execute artworks that are equally beautiful and chaotic. He aims to tell multiple stories through his works while referencing either his surroundings or state of mind.

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