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curl goes 180

curl goes 180

The 180th public curl release is a patch release: 7.64.1. There’s been 49 days since 7.64.0 shipped. The first release since our 21st birthday last week. (Full changelog.)


the 180th release
2 changes
49 days (total: 7,677)

116 bug fixes (total: 5,029)
184 commits (total: 24,111)
0 new public libcurl functions (total: 80)
2 new curl_easy_setopt() options (total: 267)

1 new curl command line option (total: 221)
49 contributors, 25 new (total: 1,929)
25 authors, 10 new (total: 669)
0 security fixes (total: 87)


This is a patch release but we still managed to introduce some fun news in this version. We ship brand new alt-svc support which we encourage keen and curious users to enable in their builds and test out. We strongly discourage anyone from using that feature in production as we reserve ourselves the right to change it before removing the EXPERIMENTAL label. As mentioned in the blog post linked above, alt-svc is the official way to bootstrap into HTTP/3 so this is a fundamental stepping stone for supporting that protocol version in a future curl.

We also introduced brand new support for the Amiga-specific TLS backend AmiSSL, which is a port of OpenSSL to that platform.


curl goes 180 1

With over a hundred bug-fixes landed in this period there are a lot to choose from, but some of the most most fun and important ones from my point of view include the following.

connection check crash

This was a rather bad regression that occasionally caused crashes when libcurl would scan its connection cache for a live connection to reuse. Most likely to trigger with the Schannel backend.

connection sharing crash

The example source code that uses a shared connection cache among many threads was another crash regression. It turned out a thread could accidentally get hold of a connection already in private use by another thread…

“Expire in…” logs removed

Having the harmless but annoying text there was a mistake to begin with. It was a debug-only line that accidentally was pushed and not discovered in time. It’s history now.

curl -M manual removed

The tutorial-like manual piece that was previously included in the -M (or –manual) built-in command documentation, is no longer included. The output shown is now just the curl.1 man page. The reason for this is that the tutorial has gone a bit stale and there is now better updated and better explained documentation elsewhere. Primarily perhaps in everything curl. The online version of that document will eventually also be removed.

TLS terminology cleanups

We now refer to the Windows TLS backend as “Schannel” and the Apple macOS one as “Secure Transport” in all curl code and documentation. Those are the official names and those are the names people in general know them as. No more use of the former names that sometimes made people confused.

Shaving off bytes and mallocs

We rearranged the layout of a few structs and changed to using bitfields instead of booleans and more. This way, we managed to shrink two of the primary internal structs by 5% and 11% with no functionality change or loss.

Similarly, we removed a few mallocs, even in the common code path, so now the number of allocs for my regular test download of 4GB data over a localhost HTTP server claims fewer allocs than ever before.


We estimate that there will be a 7.65.0 release to ship 56 days from now. Then we will remove some deprecated features, perhaps add something new and quite surely fix a whole bunch of more bugs. Who know what fun we will come up with at curl up this coming weekend?

Keep reporting. Keep posting pull-requests. We love them and you!

curl goes 180 2
Brand new sticker shipment for curl up from our beloved sticker sponsor!

Happy 21st, curl!

Happy 21st, curl!

Happy 21st, curl! 3

Another year has passed. The curl project is now 21 years old.

I think we can now say that it is a grown-up in most aspects. What have we accomplished in the project in these 21 years?

We’ve done 179 releases. Number 180 is just a week away.

We estimate that there are now roughly 6 billion curl installations world-wide. In phones, computers, TVs, cars, video games etc. With 4 billion internet users, that’s like 1.5 curl installation per Internet connected human on earth

669 persons have authored patches that was merged.

The curl source code now consists of 160,000 lines of code made in over 24,000 commits.

1,927 persons have helped out so far. With code, bug reports, advice, help and more.

The curl repository also hosts 429 man pages with a total of 36,900 lines of documentation. That count doesn’t even include the separate project Everything curl which is a dedicated book on curl with an additional 10,165 lines.

In this time we have logged more than 4,900 bug-fixes, out of which 87 were security related problems.

We keep doing more and more CI builds, auto-builds, fuzzing and static code analyzing on our code day-to-day and non-stop. Each commit is now built and tested in over 50 different builds and environments and are checked by at least four different static code analyzers, spending upwards 20-25 CPU hours per commit.

We have had 2 curl developer conferences, with the third curl up about to happen this coming weekend in Prague, Czech Republic.

The curl project was created by me and I’m still the lead developer. Up until today, almost 60% of the commits in the project have my name on them. I have done most commits per month in the project every single month since August 2015, and in 186 months out of the 232 months for which we have logged data.

Utah Royals FC defender, Katie Bowen, invited to her third World Cup with New Zealand

SANDY, Utah — The Utah Royals FC is undefeated in the early days of the National Women’s Soccer League, but some of the best players will soon be unavailable to play.

Stars Christen Press, Kelly O’Hara and Becky Sauerbrunn will leave soon to train with the US Women’s National Team to prepare for the World Cup.

Royals defender Katie Bowen will also leave soon for World Cup practice.

She’s been invited to her third World Cup with the New Zealand National Team.

Kearns teen recovers from spinal cord injury suffered at trampoline park

KEARNS, Utah — This was a homecoming 47 days in the making.

Audrick Afatasi had been in the the hospital since he suffered a spinal cord injury at a trampoline park on March 15.

“It was hard being away from home,” Afatasi said.  “Right now, I’m just trying to focus on just getting better, hopefully walking.”

The Kearns High School senior and standout football player was attempting a double flip when the injury occurred.

“When I landed, I felt like locked up and couldn’t move, paralyzed,” Afatasi said.

Despite losing the ability to walk, Afatasi hasn’t lost his spirit or will to get better.

“I don’t regret nothing,” Afatasi said.  “I met so many new people through this.  I am grateful for it.”

He credits the outpouring of support he’s received with providing the motivation to work toward reaching another benchmark.

“I am trying to walk for graduation, so I have like 20 days to get it,” Afatasi said.  “Everyone has supported me.  It would be like, my payback to them.”

The community support was on display when Afatasi arrived home from the hospital, Tuesday.

As music played in the background, dozens of people cheered Audrick’s return.

“The community — just how they showed up, showed their love, it was crazy,’ Afatasi said.

He is committed to doing whatever it takes to get out of his wheelchair and walk down the aisle to receive his diploma on graduation day.

“I am willing to do it every day,” Afatasi said.  

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Audrick’s medical bills and the cost to make his home wheelchair accessible.

10+ Types of Backlinks That Can Help Your Website Rankings & Traffic

10+ Types of Backlinks That Can Help Your Website Rankings & Traffic

10+ Types of Backlinks That Can Help Your Website Rankings & Traffic 4Regardless of what some SEO “experts” might say, backlinks are still one of the most important factors for a website’s search engine optimization. This does not mean that you can get away with spamming a page with links and keyword anchor texts. Sure, your website would have ranked at the top in Google before 2012. But, with the implementation of the Panda and Penguin updates to Google’s search algorithm, unnatural links to your website will not help your website.

As of Penguin 4, (Released in September 2017) unnatural links are now being completely ignored by Google. They do not do anything to improve your search rankings. Backlinks are like votes for your website and are designed to help funnel traffic from another website to your site in order to learn more about your products and services. Google saw it fit to design their latest algorithm to evaluate backlinks in terms of these characteristics of what the algorithm determines as a quality backlink:

  1. Activity
  2. Relevance
  3. Authority
  4. Trustworthiness

For you as a website owner or content creator, this means that you must choose referring sites and pages that are relevant to your page or site and create surrounding content relevant to the link. Site trustworthiness can be achieved by having trusted sites like Wikipedia, Huffington Post, and other established and well-known websites linking to your site. In other words, to make backlinks work for your website, you need to strategically plan these links as well as your content with your audience’s needs and preferences in mind.

Below are some ways to build, earn and get backlinks that can impact your rankings and traffic for your website. Keep in mind these several things when building backlinks vs earning links.

  1. Activity, Relevance, Trust & Authority
  2. Don’t overdue building the same types of backlinks, keep it in moderation.
  3. Diversify your backlink portfolio with many different types of backlinks.
  4. Keep in mind anchor text ratios for your home page vs an internal page. Your home page is about building your brand and trust with Google, an internal page has more forgiveness and you can use a little more keyword anchor texts that target the page. Don’t use the same phrase/phrases over and over again. You need to vary this and use LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.
    1. About 40% of the links being built to an internal page should be branded links, naked URL links and variations of both
    2. About 5-10% should be generic backlinks
    3. About 10-15% should be a mix of branded with mixed keyword phrases that are targeting that page
    4. About 10% should be a mix of mixed keyword phrases with generic anchor text
    5. About 10-15% percent should be phrase match keywords, mixed with variations and LSI, including the meta title tag
    6. About 10-15% should be exact match keywords
  1. Make everything look natural – You can read more about our Branded Links and Anchor Text percentages to follow here.

Press Releases

Press releases were originally used to inform people something of newsworthy. For businesses, this could be a new product or service to be introduced to the market, or a new business venture they would undertake. For an individual or celebrities, a press release could be used to announce a new contract for a project or to release a statement on some pressing issue.

Press releases if used properly can be very powerful and help your website rankings if used properly. In previous years press releases were used to game Google by using rich anchor text keyword phrases to help boost up a page. Google learned how the manipulation was being used and started to penalize websites for using keyword rich exact match anchor text in the press release. So you want to use Brand and URL anchor texts in your press releases primarily.

Syndication Backlinks via a Branded Network

10+ Types of Backlinks That Can Help Your Website Rankings & Traffic 5Content syndication if used properly can be very strong and help your SEO efforts. The key phrase in that sentence is “if used properly”. A press release gets syndicated hundreds of times from other press release sites and this is a common practice. Content curation is also a form of content syndication. Content curation is the art of taking bits and pieces of an article/press release/blog post, adding your own thoughts to the article and sending it out to your viewers. The Huffington Post does a lot of content curation. You need to make sure that you are properly citing the source of where the content came from. If you use content you wrote for other websites to promote relevant content or pages on your website, you gain relevant backlinks that actually give readers a chance to get to know you through your website.

With content in a syndicated branded network, this effect is compounded as you’re indirectly advertised as an authority to the network’s readers. This gives your personal brand and website credibility to readers of the branded network. Furthermore, you have a chance to gain a share of the visitor traffic that they have as they can simply click a link that was provided in the syndicated content.

High Quality Guest Posts

Guest posting or blogging for a bigger website is a good way of gaining exposure and credibility for your brand or website. Aside from creating awareness among the visitors of the bigger website, you are also improving the search engine ranking of your website. But, keep in mind that the rules on link and content relevance still apply.

The anchor text and links you use for backlinks should be naturally relevant to the content you write or, at least, the content surrounding it. You should also limit these links to two or three links in a guest post. Avoid linking to the same page on your website and try to link to different relevant pages that apply to your website, authority website or a branded property. You also want to avoid keyword stuffing the guest post with your keyword phrase that you are targeting. This is a common rule of keyword density and this rule always applies when writing quality content. This is not helpful to the readers of where you are getting the guest post on, to Google or to your readers and may even get rejected by the guest post website.

High Quality Directories

Although it does not have the same effect on search rankings like before, you can still use directories to gain referral traffic for your website. Similar in use to the thick and heavy phone directories that you know, you can use directories to have your website listed so that people who are looking for what you offer have a chance at visiting your website.

Moreover, if you choose the right directory, this could help you gain indirect search engine optimization and help you with your Google My Business Optimization. Search engine algorithms give certain directories a good search ranking because these directories have editors to ensure the quality and credibility of the information being submitted to them. Even with the difficulties to get your site listed, it is a worthwhile investment as you can benefit from the good search ranking of these trusted high quality directories. Some good directories/citations to reference this are:



Best Of The Web

Angies List



Niche Related Directories

Directories and Citation Sites can sometimes be overlapping types of websites.

Citation Sites

A citation is an online mention of your business’ name, address, and phone number. It could be unstructured and partial mentions, like those found in news articles, blog posts, press releases, and question and answer sites; or structured mentions, like a directory listing, forum signature, and profile pages. Either way, search engines use citations to evaluate your business’ online authority. Unlike the different variety of links that you use for SEO, these do not require a link to your website. All it needs is for the information to exactly match the ones found on your website and Google My Business page. Then, Google evaluates how well the information you’ve given matches the different citations to grade the reliability of your website and related content.

Since Google ranks websites according to the reliability of their content, having consistent information among different websites makes it more likely for that information to be ranked higher in the search results. Aside from search result rankings, people are more likely to find you online as the information available is consistent and would direct them in the right way to find you. As much as possible you want to structure your citation exactly as it appears on your Google My Business page. So for example:

Majestic Warrior
18631 N 19th Ave #158
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(888) 717-6864

EDU Backlinks via a Scholarship

Google gives EDU domains a higher search ranking because of the requirements in getting such a domain, the age of the website, and the numerous backlinks directed to these websites. Your website can take advantage of their authority by having websites of educational institutions backlink towards your website. This can be done by offering a scholarship and reaching out to these institutions to make them aware of your scholarship. If they decide to add your scholarship program to their website, they will generally add a backlink pointing towards the scholarship page on your website so their readers can learn more about it. You want to reach out to many of the EDU sites where your scholarship can impact their students in order to get the most traction possible for your scholarship program. These backlinks can be very powerful for your offpage optimization efforts when used correctly. You also need to make sure you have a way for people to submit/apply for the scholarship with some requirements. You also will need to remember that you need to have the funds to fulfil the scholarship being offered.

Social Media Backlinks

10+ Types of Backlinks That Can Help Your Website Rankings & Traffic 6Social media shares, comments, or likes currently do not have any bearing on search results ranking in Google. However, social media sites can create referral links towards your website. The reaction of those who come across your content can also serve as a gauge for you on how to improve your site’s content. Also, with people sharing your content, your brand can gain better brand awareness and people who see your website in their search results are more likely to click your link.

Although social media does not improve your site’s website ranking directly, your personal profile with your website’s naked URL or website brand would still be relevant and be given higher rankings by the search engines. You could also create social media accounts for your website as the way for you to engage and drive visitors toward your website. This way, even though your links present in social media posts and shares do not count towards search result rankings, you can still promote your website and brand at no cost to an audience looking for useful or entertaining content. One statement we always portray is that Google does not love you until everyone else does. The increase in rankings you get from Social Media is an indirect increase from social sharing and the traffic that can flow through from Social Media to your website.

Video Backlinks

Aside from the number and quality of backlinks referring your website, Google also considers the diversity of where these backlinks are coming from. Video is one way of generating this diversity on your array of backlinks. And, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is through YouTube. Other than creating your own videos in YouTube, you can comment on videos with links to your relevant content and this would count for your website’s relevant backlinks.

In relation to content creation, you can post videos to complement the content that you have in your website. You can create a community that can receive your information in a more personal manner as videos can create the impression as if the speaker is speaking with your viewer face-to-face. If you’re not willing to invest that much in content, you can have the written content in your website presented in PowerPoint format and record it on-screen with your voiceover. Regardless of how you want to go about in creating content, you can gain video backlinks to your website. When you add a video to YouTube or Vimeo, you want to make sure the video is optimized and the description is also optimized. Another great tip is to create playlists inside your YouTube channel that you can add videos to.


You can deliver content in a visual format that can easily be understood through infographics. With its use of attractive art, visual aids, and color combinations, it catches people’s attention that eventually prompts them to read the content. If they like what they’ve read, they can share it in their social media networks and the infographic can easily gain the attention of their friends or followers.

To make your infographics serve as backlinks, an embed code unique to your website is required for it to be shared. Aside from making sure that it links backs to your website, this prevents other people from stealing and reaping the benefits of your image. An embed code can be manually done by editing your html file or through an embed code generator.

Niche Related Backlinks

Your website would eventually get links that you have no effort or influence in its build-up or creation. These links come from other websites as they use your content as reference and link to your relevant pages for their readers to get more information about it. The key to getting this type of backlink is continuous and consistent posting of quality content in the long-term.

But, if your website is targeting a small niche, other websites like yours are more likely to be a competitor. These competitors would naturally choose not to help their competitors to build their brand and website search ranking. To gain niche related backlinks in this case, you can directly contact websites that carry related content to your website and request adding links in their page towards your website.

PDF Backlinks

If you create a great blog post, you can then turn that post into a PDF and add it to PDF sharing websites. In the PDF you can have images and hyperlinks pointing back to your website. This is another way to get diversity in your backlink building efforts. Although this is a PDF, it is also part of effective content syndication.

Forum Posting

When it comes to forum posting you can get a backlink to your website from your profile. You want to make sure you are using these properly and are primarily from niche related websites. Remember you want to show activity on the forum and your profile in order to get the proper effect you are looking for. In the past, this was a way to get many, many spammy links pointing to your website from all kinds of forum websites. At one point this practice was an effective way to increase your website rankings, but it is not the same as it once was. By showing activity and engagement on the forum, you can gain quality traffic from people that want to learn more about you or your products and services you are offering.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another practice that has lost its luster and is no longer an effective form of website optimization in large quantities. You need to remember to keep everything in moderation and diversify. Blog comments can still impact your website rankings in a few ways. You need to focus on industry related blog comments and write an informative blog comment to give potential readers a reason to visit your website. You can gain website traffic from a well written comment on a related article/post. You also are getting a no follow backlink from a niche related website.

PBN’s If You Choose To Use These

A private blog network (or PBN) is a set of domains owned by one entity (business or individuals). Commonly, this is made up of expired domains that used to produce regular content. A PBN uses credibility Google assigns on these websites due to the age of these domains. Since the owners of the PBN can control the content of these domains, these websites can be used to provide backlinks to drive traffic towards their main website (or the money website). With backlinks from these credible sites, Google increases the search ranking of the money website and, consequently, improves its online traffic. There is an art and science to using PBN’s effectively to ensure your website gets the ranking boost you desire and protect your money site at the same time.

If you write quality content and use backlinks for people and not search engines, you can create backlinks for your website that would be effective no matter how many updates to the algorithm there may be.

By applying some of these backlink building types, you can improve the search ranking of your website. By creating a good user experience, quality content and natural links you can achieve – an optimal user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Effective Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Effective Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Reasons Why You Need to Work On WordPress Optimization Speeds!

Increasing your website speed is essential if you want to attract new viewers to your site. Many times, great content is not enough to keep your viewers’ attention. You need to have images, graphs, videos and a compelling reason to keep your visitor interested and engaged. If your website loads slow due to having images, graphs, screen shots or videos, they may never really see what you have to offer. So making sure your website is optimized for speed is very important to your visitors and for ranking in Google.


WordPress Website Hosting

One of the first areas we are going to look at is your hosting. If you are hosting a large site with many images or videos, a shared hosting like GoDaddy or Hostgator is not going to cut it. You need to find premium hosting solutions to power your website. This is one of the first steps to ensure your website load times are fast. There are several hosting providers we recommend:


WP Engine – 2 Months Free Annual Plan



Rent a VPS

Renting your own Virtual Private Server will create a large difference on your site. Most serious businesses and famous bloggers opt to have their own VPS because of its speed and security. Shared hosting can create some complications on your site, especially if one of its websites is experiencing trouble. Many times, the ease of having your own VPS is worth the extra cash. We use and recommend Liquid Web and have many different options of VPS/VDS you can take advantage of.


Keep Your Pictures Optimized

Effective Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website 7Another tip to increase your website speed is to pay attention to your pictures. Pictures usually take up a lot of time to load, especially if you have not edited them properly. If your site is picture heavy, then it will definitely take longer to load especially if they are not optimized. Most people would opt to place thumbnails or smaller resolution pictures on the pages to save on space, as well as load time.

You may think that optimizing your images so they will load faster will take up a lot of time on your end. It is not necessarily so. There are many programs that can help you optimize all of your pictures at once, so that they are all in the same size. That should be so much less effort for you.

To make it even faster for your viewers to access your site, you may also want to try the lazy load technique, where the pictures load while the viewer is scrolling down the page. This saves a lot of loading time and it is very user friendly. This will save your viewers bandwidth, especially for viewers that do not read posts all the way through. A great plugin that works to help optimize your images is Imagify. Imagify will optimize your images with just a few clicks of a button. They provide different programs based on your data usage per month. You can also use a CDN to help with optimizing your images. A CDN is known as a content delivery network and “is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server”. Seen published on A good CDN is Max CDN and has very competitive pricing.


Use YouTube

Using YouTube for videos can actually keep the loading time down on your posts and pages. Placing a video directly on your site can cause some drag while people try to access your content. If you do not like using YouTube, there are other streaming services that are readily available to use online. Putting lesser loads on your server will make your site easier to access.

For a more optimal user experience, remember to disable the Auto Play feature on your videos. This can be a little unsettling for your viewers and some of them may get annoyed enough to leave your page. Give a great description of the video you want them to see. If they are at work and the auto play comes on, they potentially can bounce off your website immediately. Check out our web design do’s and don’ts.


Keep Your Posts Organized

Keeping your main page neat and organized is also a good way to keep your loading speed fast enough to gain more viewers. Instead of showing the full posts on the main page, you can choose to show only the first few paragraphs. Excerpts are sneak peeks to the main content, and it is a great way to build interest too.

You may also want to make sure that you only feature around 4 to 8 posts on the main page in order to reduce the load time. You can have a load more button that allows more posts to be loaded just by a click. You can also utilize pages (page 1, 2, 3 for your posts), or you can develop a good database that can make your audience get to the content that they want faster. People will definitely appreciate your site’s efficiency. A great way to keep your posts organized is utilizing a silo structure on your website.


WordPress Settings & Plugins for Website Speed Optimization

When it comes to wordpress, it is a database website that has a lot of functionality and plugins to not only speed up your site, but also help you optimize your website. It is important to use plugins that have little drag and drain on your website and help improve your websites performance. We tried all of the following WP Caching Plugins:

The clear winners for a caching plugin on our website speed were WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache. I need to also mention we only did the paid versions of WP Rocket and WP Fastest Cache. The other caching plugins we were only using the free version. We opted to use WP Rocket for several reasons. Some of the reasons we choose to go with WP Rocket:

  • Cost for many websites (WP Fastest Cache charges per website installation)
  • Integration with Imagify was easy
  • Optimal setup was easy
  • Easy integration with Max CDN

As far as website speed loading time, it was very close. WP Rocket was a slight bit faster than WP Fastest Cache. On WP Rocket we usually load between 1.2s and 1.5s with a webpage that is 3.1mb.

Effective Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website 8


Make Use of Your WordPress Plugins

Try to check through the plugins on your site and find the ones that are no longer being used. Unused plugins can create a lot of drag on your WordPress site. Take a look through your list. Sometimes we can forget, and deleting the things we do not used can create seconds of difference. On the internet, that is a big difference already.

You may even want to study how these plugins function. You can incorporate these without having to put the entire plugin on the site. A few codes on your functions.php can give you the same benefits a widget can offer you. You also want to keep your wordpress plugins up-to-date for efficiency and security reasons.


Pay Attention to Your WordPress Settings

There is also a way to increase the loading speed through your WordPress settings. You may have noticed pingbacks and trackbacks on your WordPress. This is something that is enabled by default so that you can get notified whenever other blogs interact with you. This is a great WordPress feature, but this can also affect loading speeds. This adds on new data to your post, which in turn makes the post heavier. Turning this feature off will let you browse through your site a little bit faster.


Do Your Maintenance Work

WordPress is based on a MySQL Database, which means that the database gets larger whenever your posts are edited or when comments are left on the site.

Always remember that every time you revise your post, the last version will be automatically saved to the database. Cleaning this up will allow your page to load much faster. Spam comments must also be deleted. While it is great to have comments on your page, spam comments do nothing for you and it will only slow the page down.

There are plugins on WordPress that can help you do these maintenance tasks on your site. Since plugins can create a bit of a slow down on your site, you might want to enable this only once a month. For the rest of the time, you can keep it disabled. WP Rocket takes care of the maintenance work for you as well. It will cleanup old revisions and will also delete spam comments from your database for you each week on auto pilot.

Also try not to keep website page redirects to a minimum. Sometimes you have to redirect pages, posts, categories and even tags to a new URL. Each redirect added to the page, can and will slow down the page load times.


Cut Down on the Word Art, Widgets and Graphics. (If You Have To)

The first thing that you should do is to cut down on the word art. Many times, glitzy word art can slow down a page significantly, and it is not a pretty picture when it refuses to show up on screen. In some ways, word art can be unnecessary. It is fine to use it for titles, or for details that absolutely need the attention.

There is no need to overdo. You can try using a neat and legible font instead and pay attention to proper spacing. Nice and simple goes a long way, and it will even make your site look fresh and professional.

Remember to take down pop ups and widgets that are not of the utmost importance. Decorations can be attractive, but you will have to consider that not all viewers will appreciate that. They will always want good content, and they want it fast. Widgets and other decorations can sometimes take away the experience.


Majestic Warrior Launches Auto Repair Marketing Specialty

Majestic Warrior Launches Auto Repair Marketing Specialty

Phoenix AZ based Auto Repair Marketing by Majestic Warrior offers a range of services designed to improve the performance of digital marketing efforts for auto repair businesses. The Majestic Warrior team can provide techniques and tips to increase traffic and increase website conversions.

Majestic Warrior Launches Auto Repair Marketing Specialty 9 — Majestic Warrior and Shannon Adams are pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new auto repair marketing services. The professionals at Majestic are proud to have the knowledge and experience to provide some of the best auto shop web design and local SEO services. It is important to understand and know what the auto repair and transmission repair online marketing space needs to make the client’s shop stand out. The professionals can take a client’s auto shop business to new heights with the help of online marketing services and website design innovations.

A spokesperson for Majestic Warrior explains, “Our internet marketing specialists can help you establish your auto repair business as one of the most reputable names in your local area. We can do this by strengthening your online brand and broadening your reach. Our web design for auto repair shops is just one component of the service we provide to our customers. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and responsive websites help each visitor to the site have a positive experience.”

In addition to offering website development and ideas, MW also provides a wide range of online marketing services. Obtaining a website is not difficult, but it can be challenging to ensure that the site works toward increasing the client’s business. The team can create a design and put the pages together in a way that appeals to website visitors. Majestic Warrior techniques are applied in a way that the rankings of the site are targeted and placed before the maximum number of potential new customers.

In addition to producing high-quality websites, the team of professionals at Majestic Warrior works with clients to promote the website online with services such as: social media marketing, SEO services, search engine marketing, Google maps optimization and reputation marketing. The team offers some of the best digital marketing services there is for auto shops.

Contact Info:
Name: Shannon Adams
Organization: Majestic Warrior
Address: 18631 N 19th Ave #158, Phoenix AZ 85027
Phone: (888) 717-6864

Video URL:

Find the original press release found published at

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines

When launching an internet marketing campaign or simply promoting content from your website, one of the primary goals is for the website to appear in the top results list in various search engines. In this way, you can drive more website traffic or turn those visitors into actual customers for the products and/or services that you offer.


Branded Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines 10Basically, you are targeting local search engine optimization for your website. One of the easiest & safest ways you can do this is to utilize branded keyword anchor text.

Branded keywords are the particular words or terms that users may type in search engines when they look for your site or your products and services. These include your brand name, website name, variations of your name or any other property that may direct them to your site.

This means the user has already heard about you and they are trying to look for you using Google, Yahoo or Bing. Thus, the use of branded keywords may serve you several advantages:

  • Branded keywords provide you one of the easiest means to rank for a particular search/query result. Unlike generic keywords, your unique company name or brand name sets you aside from your competitors on the same niche.
  • Investing/bidding on branded keywords may incur relatively lower advertisement costs since it is already specifically relevant to your company name.

Thus, branded keywords can vitally lead people to your site – without having to allocate much more funds from your campaign budget.


Backlinks – Quality & Quantity

Meanwhile, another factor that also influences search rankings is the number of backlinks a particular website has. These are simply the links from other websites, pages, directories, press releases or any other medium on the internet that directs visitors to your website. It’s not just about how many backlinks you have, but also the quality of the backlinks that matter for today’s SEO standards. (We will dive deeper into this with much more detail on another post)

Types of Links You Want to Acquire:

  • Niche Related
  • Authoritative Links
  • Trusted Links
  • Seed Site Links

Some examples of high quality niche related links using our website as an example (these are also authoritative and trusted sites):


These serve as one of the main indicators that search engines use to interpret your content to be relevant to a particular search query. In turn, the more backlinks you have may also mean the more ‘votes’ you have from different websites.

These websites may be in a way, referring to or recommending you because of the quality of your content, the credibility of your site, and etc.


Incorporating Anchor Texts in Backlinks

One way to create backlinks is through the use of anchor texts. Anchor text is simply the visible text that is present in a given hyperlink.

Since backlinks are used as an important basis for the relevance of your website to a particular search query, the anchor texts should be also able to provide contextual information of the link’s destination.

Thus, it may be useful to use branded anchor text backlinks or branded mixed with a keyword phrase.

However, it is important to note that the basis of backlinks as indicators for search rankings do not only refer to the plain numbers of websites pointing to your page. It is also rather influenced by the popularity and the credibility as well of those sites that refer you among many other factors.


What are Branded Links and how they can help in SEO

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines 11Branded links are essentially a directory or url that was created out of the brand name or any related term that can be associated to the name of your company, the content that you share, and etc.

The use of branded links is also beneficial for but not limited to the following reasons:

  • They are shorter and easier to read and thus, are easier to remember.
  • Unlike simple shortened links, branded links make you unique.
  • Since it incorporates brand name, it thus gives your brand more exposure and gives users an idea of the content that you share.
  • They are a safer backlink anchor text to your website (Google has stressed the importance your brand should be)


How to Create and Use Branded Links

When using branded links, it is important that you do not only formulate a link that incorporates your brand or website name. Make them as short and relevant as possible to the content that you are trying to present or the product that you promote.

  • There are services or tools, which you can use to shorten your links. (, are 2 that are among our favorites to use) (You can also do some Ninja stuff using 301 redirects from these link shortener services)
  • For branded links, it is especially convenient to use custom or branded domains that you can acquire for a low cost.

For example, the most popular companies have their custom domains as shown: for has for

The latter are not really different websites, but clicking on or typing those will still redirect you to the original website.

  • Keep in mind that the domain extension doesn’t necessarily have to be .com. It can be everything that you can incorporate to your brand name. For example, uses as one of their branded links.

So basically, you create lists or particular keywords which you can use for your branded links, use a link shortener tool or service, choose and acquire a custom domain, and share these links to your different communication channels.


Backlinks and Link Profile

All of these backlinks then are what that make up your backlink anchor text profile, which is also known as your link profile.

When you create a backlink, this is indexed by Google and places it into a database (which is your link profile) that points to your specific website. From then on, the algorithm is employed which then establishes your rankings.

As mentioned earlier, it is important that your website is not just credible, but that your link profile shall be just as credible.

For example, if you are using too much of anchor texts that partially or exactly match particular keywords in search queries, you make it seem obvious for search engines that you are just trying to rank for that particular keyword.

So, what then makes a good link profile? It is important that the link profile is as natural as possible. It is important that they do not only look natural but they themselves should be natural.

A natural link profile should satisfy the following:

  • The websites that point to your site should have an established authority or credibility for the content that they share.
  • It is useful that the content of your website are also relevant to the websites that refer you.
  • Your links that should points out to where they are intended unlike misleading, spam sites or links
  • Most importantly, the anchor texts you employ should be as diverse as possible.


Some Types of Anchor Text to Use:

  • Branded (Variations)
    • Examples: Majestic Warrior, MajesticWarrior, (Majestic Warrior), Majestic Warrior Marketing, Majestic Warrior Media, Majestic Warrior Digital, majesticwarriormarketing, majesticwarriormedia, majesticwarriordigital, MW Marketing, MW Media etc, Shannon Adams, Majestic Warrior – Shannon Adams, Shannon Adams
  • Naked URL (Variations)
  • Generic
    • Examples: click here, company, website, this website, this blog, our website, expert website, visit website, check out this website, check out the blog, visit the blog, visit this page, why this company, check out this company etc.
  • No Anchor Text
    • Example: no actual text hyperlink
  • Image
    • Example: links from an image to target page
  • Branded with Keyword Phrase
  • URL with Keyword Phrase
  • Generic with Keyword Phrase
    • Examples: click here for seo services, visit our webs design here, check out our internet marketing services here
  • LSI Keyword Phrases
    • Examples: website optimization, optimization of your website, mobile website optimization, optimize your websites for search engines etc..
  • Branded with LSI
    • Examples: Majestic Warrior optimization of your website, majestic warrior’s website optimization, majestic warrior’s website design
  • Sentences with Target Keywords Included
    • Example: How to Properly do SEO and make your company stand out!
  • Exact Match Keyword Phrase
    • Examples: search engine optimization, website design, local seo, SEO, internet marketing services, digital marketing agency etc..


Notice how we have exact match keyword phrases as last. In today’s SEO environment you want to look as natural as possible and exact match keyword phrases are not natural. You want to use these types of anchor text on your most powerful links from niche related websites. You also want to avoid areas of syndication of exact match anchor text. Syndication is a great tool, but in this case can do a lot of harm when you are using exact match anchor text for your backlinks.


Diversifying Your Link Profile

To emphasize the last point, a diverse link profile suggests that you are not simply trying to rank for your profile but it is that many websites are actually vouching for you because of your content.

This is then where the use of branded links comes into play.

As mentioned, branded links make it easier for you to target SEO. Thus, these should also have a good share on your anchor text percentage.

One of the ways to diversify your link profile is to use branded links with keywords. As SEO analysts would recommend, 35% to 90% of your link profile should at least tell something about your brand.

Diversifying your links can also mean where you get the links from and link sources. We will discuss this a lot more in depth on another post. 


Anchor Text Percentages to Follow for Your Home Page:

How Branded Links can Maximize Your Search Visibility in Search Engines 12Branded Variation Anchor Text – 60-75%

Naked Link Variations – 20-25%%

Generic – 5-10%

LSI/Partial Match – Less Than 3%

Exact Match Anchors – Less than 2%


Also Remember Keyword Density for Each Page: (Helps avoid over optimization)

1 Word Phrases Less than 3%

2 Word Phrases Less than 2%

3 Word Phrases Less than 1%


This is on a page by page basis, Google does not rank websites, it ranks web pages. Each page should have this type of formula.


In conclusion, the use of branded keywords and branded backlinks are both essential in increasing your search visibility in different search engines. Branded keywords are specifically important because it can easily point out to your brand name. You can utilize those for the backlinks that you create which is also one of the important indicators for search rankings.

The most important key is to balance the use of different types of backlinks. You do not under-optimize or else you may just flank in the rankings as much as you do not over-optimize that you may be flagged by Google for penalties.

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