Month: January 2019

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for January

A Comprehensive Guide To Using Emojis In Email Subject Lines – Growth Hackers Emojis are the pineapple on pizza for marketers. Some love them, some hate them, but I’ve never met anyone indifferent to them. Social Media Marketing And The Importance Of Social Proof – Lean Startup Life If you want to get real results […]

CTF Writeup: Complex Drupal POP Chain

About the Challenge The Droops challenge consisted of a website which had a modified version of Drupal 7.63 installed. The creators of the challenge added a Cookie to the Drupal installation that contained a PHP serialized string, which would then be unserialized on the remote server, leading to a PHP Object Injection vulnerability. Finding the cookie was straightforward and the challenge was obvious: Finding and crafting a POP chain for Drupal.

Learnings from WordPress Security Month

About the security month With the help of our code analysis solution RIPS we identified critical vulnerabilities in the WordPress core itself and in many of the most popular WordPress plugins. Some of them have multiple million active installations. As an example, the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce that enables WordPress site owners to sell products via their site has more active installations than the largest e-commerce plattform itself. In December 2018, we released a new vulnerability each day with a description, code summary and video for learning purposes.

RIPS 3.0 Supports Java Security Analysis

Java Application Security Testing At RIPS we take a unique approach for static code analysis of modern web applications. Instead of building one generic analyzer for fundamentally different programming languages, such as static Java and dynamic PHP, we strongly believe that complex security bugs in modern applications can only be accurately detected with language-specific analysis engines that simulate all the language’s subtlenesses, libraries, and pitfalls. After all, these nifty details account for today’s security vulnerabilities.

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for December

14 New Business Books for 2019 – Practical Ecommerce Here is a list of new and upcoming business books in 2019 for entrepreneurs, managers, and creative professionals 16 Unsexy Ways To Succeed As A Startup – Bootstrap Business Starting a business is like driving through a fog. All you can see are a few feet […]