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CubeCart 6.1.12 – Admin Authentication Bypass

I Forgot My Password! Both vulnerabilities are exploitable through CubeCarts “I forgot my Password!” functionality. It is implemented in the file classes/cubecart.class.php, in the method _recovery(). When a user forgot his password, he can use this feature to enter his email address, a valid password reset token he received via email, and his new password for reset.
classes/cubecart.class.php 2761 2762 2763 2764 2765 2766 2767 2768 private function _recovery() { if (isset($_POST[’email’]) && isset($_POST[‘validate’]) && isset($_POST[‘password’])) { $GLOBALS[‘user’]->passwordReset($_POST[’email’], $_POST[‘validate’], $_POST[‘password’]); }

Press Release – Evocative Announces Acquisition and Expansion into Reston, Virginia Data Center Market



Lisa Masiello

Evocative Announces Acquisition and Expansion into Reston, Virginia Data Center Market

Evocative is expanding its footprint and bringing its highly secure edge colocation and hybrid IT solutions to the Virginia market.

San Jose, CA, January 9, 2018 – Evocative, LLC, a leading provider of secure compliant Internet infrastructure services, today announced that it has acquired the data center operations located in Reston, VA from Lincoln Rackhouse a Lincoln Property Company Division and executed a long-term lease with an option to purchase the data center with Lincoln Rackhouse. The newly acquired Tier III edge data center located at 1807 Michael Faraday Court, Reston, VA is in the heart of the largest data center market on the planet. The Michael Faraday data center will be connected to the Equinix data center campus via dark fiber as well as to other Evocative data centers on the West Coast with multiple 40+ Gbps links. Earlier this year, Evocative purchased two data centers from 365 Data Centers in Silicon Valley and two data centers in downtown Los Angeles from ColoNet and this expansion is a strategic fit for its vision.

The newly added Tier III edge data and compute center adds an additional 25,000 Square Feet and 2.2 MW of capacity and is expandable to 53,000 Square Feet and 5.7 MW of capacity to its existing West Coast sites, bringing the company’s total capacity to over 125,000 SF and 6.7 MW of IT load. All locations will be connected to each other via multiple 40+ Gbps transport services and will create a nationwide IP backbone enabling the company to roll out active-active disaster recover, managed distributed private cloud and complex hosting, distributed storage as well as provide direct connection to the major 4 public cloud platforms. Evocative is the trusted guardian of Internet infrastructure to businesses within the continental US with a roaster of Fortune 500 client base. Evocative is well positioned to handle flexible lab and high-density computing requirements alongside mission critical compliant colocation services for production work loads. All the company’s data centers are carrier neutral with direct access to at least 15+ native carriers and dark and lit services to all of the major interconnection hubs. Evocative’s facilities are HIPAA, PCI DSS, SSAE 16, SSAE-18, SOC 2 and ISAE 3402 certified, meeting rigorous security and compliance requirements. In addition, they have consistently achieved a 100% uptime availability over the past 10 years.

Enterprises, large and small businesses and startups can benefit from Evocative’s comprehensive suite of fully customizable pay per use colocation services; managed services; public cloud interconnection, private and hybrid cloud solutions; complex hosting; and network and security services. Purpose-built and fully operational, the company’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions also offer true and transparent visibility into data center infrastructure and resource allocations, providing the most cost-effective, agile, and scalable outcomes to large enterprises, helping them achieve their specific business goals.  Evocative can provide visibility in terms of large scale power usage down to virtual machine resource allocation on shared or dedicated servers. The first true pay per use data center operator.

“Our primary goal as a trusted pay per use data center and hybrid IT solutions company is to listen to our clients and provide them the solutions that they require at fair prices. With this commitment in mind, we decided to expand into the largest data center market on the planet with the understanding that our clients and the industry as a whole are looking for options and many clients are not happy with mega-wholesale real estate minded operators. We will be offering pay per use retail colocation, Disaster Recovery, Edge Computing, private cloud and public cloud interconnectivity out of all of our locations,” said Arman Khalili, Evocative’s CEO. “This acquisition is in line with our expansion plans and our acquisitions earlier this year. We now have operations on both coasts within the continental United States.  We look forward to continuing to grow the company both organically and through additional acquisitions. Most importantly, we would like to welcome our new clients, employees and partners to the Evocative family.”

About Evocative
Evocative is a North American company and an owner and operator of secure, compliant, highly available data centers.  We are the trusted guardians of our clients’ Internet infrastructure. To tour an Evocative data center or receive additional information on data center services, please visit

About Lincoln Rackhouse

Lincoln Rackhouse is the data center division of Lincoln Property Company and focuses on helping organizations of all sizes locate, analyze, and secure data center space to lease or own. Since its inception in Dallas, Texas in 1965, Lincoln Property Company has earned its reputation as effective, professional managers of residential and commercial properties with over 50 years of experience in building, owning, and managing one of the largest commercial real estate portfolios in the United States. With 20 years of experience sourcing mission critical data centers, Lincoln (Rackhouse) offers unparalleled market and industry knowledge with an unbiased approach in fulfilling your technology requirements.

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Installing And Configuring VMware Horizon View 7

VMware View is a commercial virtualization product developed by VMware. Its first two releases sold under the name VMware VDM, but after third release in 2008, VMware changed the name to “VMware View”. “VMware View” became “Horizon View” with the launch of Horizon 6 in April 2014.

Horizon View 7 has the following components :

  • Connection Server
  • Replica Server
  • Security Server
  • Enrollment Server
  • Composer Server
  • View Agent
  • View Client
  • ThinApp

We will look at the most used components of VMware Horizon View 7.

We have the following articles about  VMware Horizon View 7:



PHP Security Advent Calendar 2017 Wrap-Up

The Challenges We presented a variety of interesting and partly obscure security bugs in as little code as possible such that a challenge can be solved during a coffee break. Some challenges addressed beginners in security, others were more advanced. Next to different vulnerability types, we sneaked in different types of user input and various methods of faulty input sanitization or validation. In case the vulnerability type was obvious there was still some sort of trick or bypass required for exploitation.