HGST 6TB NAS V2 Speed test Black Magic HDN726060ALE614 0S03941

How fast is the HGST 6TB NAS Hard Drive? Does it deserve your data?

  • Award-winning Performance – 7200 RPM, up to 128MB cache buffer and 6Gb/s SATA interface for fast data access
  • Colossal Capacity – Up to 6TB for room to grow
  • Outstanding Reliability – 1M hrs MTBF, Rotational Vibration Sensor, 24/7 availability, 3-year limited warranty

The Deskstar® NAS hard drive is a 7200 RPM 3.5-inch hard drive that provides an exceptional blend of reliability and performance, making it an ideal solution for consumer and commercial desktop NAS systems. This NAS-ready hard drive from HGST delivers media transfer rates that are as much as 20% faster than 5400 RPM drives and seek times less than 12ms. Furthermore, Deskstar NAS hard drives incorporate a rotational vibration sensor and achieve reliability of 1M hours MTBF.


  • 7200 RPM performance
  • Up to 6TB capacity
  • 1 million hours MTBF
  • 6Gb/s SATA interface
  • No additional hardware required
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Deskstop NAS Systems
Performance: SATA interface provides up to 6Gbit/sec data transfer rate, 7200 RPM Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS)
Weight 1.85lbs (0.84Kg)
Power: +5 VDC (+/-5%) +12 VDC (+10%/-8%)
Product: (LxWxH)
5.7in x 3.9in x 1in | 146mm x 101mm x 26.1mm
Retail Pack: (LxWxH)
1-pack: 2.8in x 5.9in x 7.6in | 73mm x 150mm x 195mm
2-pack: 5.3in x 7in x 8.7in | 135mm x 179mm x 222mm
4-pack: 7in x 8.4in x 8.7in | 179mm x 213mm x 222mm
Master Pack: (LxWxH)
1-pack: 8.7in x 6.7in x 12.3in | 222mm x 170mm x 312mm
2-pack: 9.6in x 7.6in x 11.3in | 244mm x 192mm x 288mm
4-pack: 9.6in x 8.9in x 14.4in | 244mm x 226mm x 376mm
Pallet: (LxWxH)
1-pack: 41.3in x 40in x 40in | 1048mm x 1016mm x 1220mm
2-pack: 45in x 40in x 48in | 1144mm x 1016mm x 1220mm
4-pack: 45in x 40in x 48in | 1144mm x 1016mm x 1220mm
System Requirements: Windows®
Computer system running Windows® 8, 7, and Vista®
and an available SATA portMacintosh®
Mac® computer running System 10.5 or newer and
an available SATA port

Capacity: One MB is equal to one million bytes, one GB is equal to one billion bytes and one TB equals 1,000GB (one trillion bytes) when referring to hard drive capacity. Accessible capacity will vary from the stated capacity due to formatting and partitioning of the hard drive, the computer’s operating system, and other factors.

MTBF: MTBF target is based on a sample population and is estimated by statistical measurements and acceleration algorithms under median operating conditions. MTBF ratings are not intended to predict an individual drive’s reliability. MTBF does not constitute a warranty.

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