Month: December 2015

Install WordPress On cPanel

Here at Kickassd we are firm believers in not using 1 click installers as they just have too much potential for creating bad installs that cause headaches for people. So here is a quick and simple Install WordPress On cPanel guide. Before you go any farther go download the latest version of WordPress: (grab the zip version)

Installation Steps

  1. Log into your Kickassd cPanel account
  2. Navigate to Files > File Manager
  3. Open the public_html directory. Look up and click Upload
  4. Select File and choose the WordPress file Zip file you downloaded. Once complete go back to the previous directory.
  5. Now right click on the WordPress zip file and extract the files, you will now see you have a WordPress folder.
  6. Enter the WordPress folder and select all files than choose move you will see the path is “/public_html/wordpress”. If you want WordPress to be available when people visit than change the path to /public_html and click Move File(s).
  7. Now visit your site and you should be presented with the WordPress install screen, select your language, continue past the next screen as well.
  8. Back in your cPanel account go to Databases > Mysql Databases.
  9. Create a database, a database user, assign the user to the database with full privledges. Be sure to record the Database name, user name, and password as you go.
  10. Back to your WordPress install screen and enter the Database name, username, and password. Hit the magic submit button!
  11. The next screen of note will ask you to enter your site name username, etc. Do not use admin as a username and I suggest you use the generated password as it is strong and this is very important. Make sure to record it in a safe place.
  12. Go ahead and “Install WordPress”. You should greeted with a “Success!” and be able to login and start using your new WordPress site.


Installing WordPress On A Sub-Domain

Installation of WordPress on a sub-domain will be essentially the same as above. the only thing that changes is the location that you upload and install the WordPress files. If you have created a Sub-Domain of “wp” than you will see a new folder in public_html. This is where you will upload and install WordPress.



Of course if you have any issues and need help or have questions please don’t hesitate to contact support so we can help you get up and running.

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