Month: December 2013

Linux command line Image Manipulation for Android Developers

Sometimes while developing Applications for Android one has to transform a lot of images at once. In those cases, it is easier to use the command line than standard programs such as gimp.
Resize multiple Images via Command Line for i in *.png; do convert “$i” -resize 50% “${i%%.png*}.png”; done I use this a lot when developing for Android, as it is best to supply differently sized images for different devices to save memory.

Java – Image Manipulation

Handling Images in Java is fun. Here are some often used image manipulation methods.
Negating colors of an image Change all pixels in BufferedImage to one color Changing opacity of image Adding two BufferedImages (with given opacity) Saving BufferedImage to a file Loading a BufferedImage from a file Most of these methods come from my java heatmap creating class so if you want to download them get them there.