Month: July 2012

Is Your Gravatar Retina-Ready?

Is Your Gravatar Retina-Ready?

Now that all of is optimized for retina display, you’ll be looking extra sharp to anyone who views your Gravatar profile or Hovercard from a device like the iPhone 4.

But are you looking your best? If you’re using a low-resolution image of yourself that you cropped from a friend’s Facebook photo two years ago, then it’s time for an update 🙂 Log in to and upload a new image now, so that you can get a full-resolution version at all sizes, on all sites.

If you’re one of the many sites that uses Gravatars, you’ll also be happy to know that we’ve increased the maximum size image you can request, all the way up to 2048px! That means you can go ahead and implement higher resolution user images for all devices, high-dpi or otherwise.

We’d love to hear about any Retina-compatible implementations of Gravatar in the comments.