Elizabeth Warren Wins the Iowa Cookie Caucus on RAGBRAI

NORWALK, Iowa- The Main Street School here decided to sell cookies on RAGBRAI 2019 when it came through town over the noon hour. This event is a great chance to make some money for the school, but they had an idea to do a little something extra.

They created the “Cookie Caucus.”  Democrat Elizabeth Warren came out on top with 78 votes.

“We are a pre-school through 8th grade school,” said Tanya Apana of the Main Street School. “We do a lot of project based learning, so the kids will be studying the caucuses this year, and looking at the whole presidential election.”

People can purchase a cookie from one or more candidates, and get the chance to vote with a lima bean in a jar, like the WHO-HD Cast Your Kernal Concept at the State Fair.

“Our fundraiser is based on the caucuses, its the Cookie Caucus,” said Apana. We have as many varieties of cookies as we have people running for President.

The vote included Republicans Donald Trump, and Bill Weld.

The school hopes for raise $5,000 to be used for scholarships at the school.

Elizabeth Warren 78
Kamala Harris 71
Donald Trump 67
Pete Buttigieg 52
Bernie Sanders 30
Joe Biden 19
Amy Klobuchar 12
Cory Booker 10
Tulsi Gabbard 7
Julie Binny (write in) 6
John Hickenlooper 5
John Delaney 5
Michael Bennet 5
Steve Bullock 5
Marianne Williamson 5
Kristen Gillibrand 4
Julian Castro 4
Andrew Yang 3
Bill Weld 3
Bill de Blasio 0
Jay Inslee 0

Iowa Officer Resigns After Video Showed Him Pull Gun, Shove Motorcyclist During Traffic Stop

DURANT, Iowa — An eastern Iowa police officer has resigned after video surfaced of him pulling out his gun and knocking over a motorcyclist during a traffic stop.

Robert Smith quit his job Monday night after a closed city council meeting in the town of Durant. After retiring from the Iowa State Patrol, Smith was hired by the Durant Police Department.

Dashcam video surfaced in July showing Smith, an Iowa State Trooper at the time, pulling over Bryce Yakish near West Liberty in September of 2017.

The video shows Yakish pull off the road and appear to comply to commands. Smith quickly ran at him with his gun drawn. He shoved Yakish to the ground, knocking his bike over. In court documents, Smith claimed Yakish tried to get away, but the video shows otherwise. Yakish would be arrested and charged with eluding law enforcement, a felony crime.

Smith was one of three full-time officers in Durant, a town of 1,800.

Marshalltown Homeowner Welding in Garage Starts Fire After Sparks Land on Nearby Combustibles

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — A welding accident in Marshalltown started a fire that destroyed a garage and caused damage to neighboring properties, authorities said.

Marshalltown police and fire crews responded to a garage fire behind 708 Noble Street at 4:51 p.m. Tuesday. En route to the fire, neighbors advised dispatchers that they heard an explosion. When firefighters arrived, they found a garage on fire with flames spreading to an adjacent garage on the same property.

Firefighters said it took a while to extinguish the fire because of a large amount of flammable liquids stored inside the garage.

The garage the fire originated is a total loss, and there is fire damage to the adjacent garage and two neighboring garages. Firefighters estimate the damage at $20,000.

Authorities said an investigation revealed the homeowner was welding inside the garage and sparks caught nearby combustibles and fireworks on fire.

No one was injured in the fire.

Say Goodbye To Endless Swiping With Hily, The Dating App That Guarantees A Match In 15 Minutes

Say Goodbye To Endless Swiping With Hily, The Dating App That Guarantees A Match In 15 Minutes

Say Goodbye To Endless Swiping With Hily, The Dating App That Guarantees A Match In 15 Minutes 1

Hily is one of the top dating apps in the U.S. for Q1 2019 by downloads.

Global dating app Hily is the first dating app in the world to put a stop to endless swiping, with a guarantee of a match within 15 minutes, reveals results of a study. [here]

Hily’s CEO Alex Pasykov said: “We are ending the fatigue of endless swiping on dating apps with Hily’s guarantee of a match within 15 minutes, life is short, now users don’t need to waste any more time with meaningless matches.

Hily has already been downloaded by millions of users and we are confident millions more will have a great experience using our app, saving time and finding great matches quicker.”

Say Goodbye To Endless Swiping With Hily, The Dating App That Guarantees A Match In 15 Minutes 2

How it works:

    • Hily’s app matches on a number of data points, not just attractiveness like the other apps on the market.
    • Hily has the smartest matching algorithm on the market because of its ability to match on:
        • – Interests users specify in their profiles;
        • – Activity of users in the app;
        • – Profile likes (prioritizing profiles similar to those you swiped before).

How to get a great match on Hily quickly:

There are a number of factors affecting matching probability in the first 15 minutes including the number of photos you download in the first 15 minutes, filling more than 5 sections of your profile and swiping right on more than 10 people increases your chances to get a match in the first 15 minutes.

Download the Hily app here.

About Hily:

Hily is the smartest dating app in the world, its innovative matching algorithm combined with its communication tool makes finding the right person quicker, all within a safe environment.

Hily’s team of specialists are constantly moderating the environment to make it inclusive, regardless of sexuality or gender and to feel comfortable whilst using the app.

Hily users’ safety is the priority. There are several levels of protection, 24/7 moderation and around-the-clock support. Every registered user needs to provide an authentic picture in order to be verified.

Unique features

To make the users’ experience more interactive and secure, Hily’s developers introduced a number of unique features, such as:

    • A smart matching mechanism that ensures high relevancy of matches.
    • Ability to create and post entertaining stories – helps to find potential matches in a much more fun way than simple swiping.
    • Ability to send funny GIFS, videos, and audio messages to make a conversation even more entertaining.
    • Icebreakers – short phrases that users can send to each other right after matching (an easy way to start a conversation).
    • Feature requests – users can create requests for new features and vote for them. The team of developers implements most popular requests.

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Marshalltown Rebuilding Unseen Tornado Damage In Youth Mental Health


Marshalltown, Iowa — Scaffolding and construction prove that progress in Marshalltown is visable but the unseen side of the EF-3 tornado may be just as important.  Now the Marshalltown community has a plan to repair what’s on the inside of their most important residents.

With the right tools, many in Marshalltown have been able to physically repair damage from the tornado but for some children, dealing with it mentally has been a struggle.  “Now even a year later if a storm comes or certain sounds occur the children are still being triggered. Some of the children are having trouble sleeping, focusing,” said Arlene McAtee who serves at the Executive Director of Mid-Iowa Community Action.

This school year the Marshalltown Community School District along with MICA and the Marshalltown Long Term Family Recovery Committee will take straight aim at mental health in school kids.  “We will be doing crafts food games and interaction with the horses,” said Jennifer Daniel who owns Rhia Reins Ranch and serves on the Marshalltown Long Term Family Recovery Committee.

Students will have the opportunity to work with horses at Wolfe Ranch with the help of Quakerdale Family Services and Rhia Reins Ranch for equine therapy.  “You learn leadership and team building. It helps with anxiety, depression,” Andrew said.

The school district will identify over two hundred kids most in need of a day at the ranch.  “They see these kids every day they are interacting with them every day they notice the changes,” said Beth Andrew, Executive Director at Wolfe Ranch.  Receiving out of class care won’t interfere with school either.  McAtee said, “It’s being conducted on the seven in service days that are held throughout the year for teachers and when there is no school.”

For families already taking part, organizers say the results have been quick.  “She said we’ve had three sessions with horse therapy and we come further with my seven year old than two years of counseling,” Jennifer said.

The kids will get to spend seven hours with the horses at the ranch.  Organizers say it may be just one day but the impact can last forever.  Jennifer said, “They are our future and so we’ve got to invest in them and they were affected the most.”

The equine therapy is paid in full thanks to $25,000 in fundraising by the Long Term Family Recovery Committee and a $5,000 grant.

How Promotional Items Can be Effective

With many marketing efforts being focused online, a veil of ignorance has overshadowed promotional products. However, this is a great medium to miss regardless of the business size and scale. Just think of them as small trinkets to promote a new service or an upcoming product! Not only thinking but the best seller promo items July 2019 at getyourpromotionalproducts.com can also make visualize right away!

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According to the spokesperson, “In the business world, corporate gifts are common for building brands and promoting offerings across the globe. These are generally customized to grab the attention of the relevant target audience. Right from tote bags to notepads and costly mufflers, we offer all possible corporate gifts at discounted prices so that a company can have a wider customer base.”

About Getyourpromotionalproducts.com

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For more information, kindly visit GetYourPromotionalProducts.

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Michaela Vybohova’s Shoe Line draws A Lot of Attention

Michaela Vybohova’s Shoe Line draws A Lot of Attention

Michaela Vybohova’s Shoe Line draws A Lot of Attention

Michaela Vybohova is an established model and female entrepreneur that has been in the limelight for a number of reasons lately. She is among the most notable young female founders who’s constant support and search for aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives and health experts might shift the market in whole new direction.

She was “discovered” in a small town in the middle of Slovakia where she came to support her friend to Elite model search audition round, and soon became acquainted with the fashion world.

From the very early age of 16, she has had a keen eye for fashion and how it affects people. Michaela’s first entrepreneurial attempt was e-bay store where she would buy wholesale swimsuit, tweak the design and resale it for a small mark up.

After her first modeling contract, while traveling around the Europe and learning much from different cultures, she realized that craft was her true passion.

As a result, she launched Michaela V, her very own shoe line. These shoes are designed to offer both the elegance and the practicality needed by modern women. The shoes are carefully crafted with meticulous levels of detail. Particularly selected Italian leathers are chosen for the development.

Michaela is currently crafting her second season, she didn’t want to share many details about the new collection expect that it will be available early fall.

Initially, a very small quantity of her current line is available, and thus, interested individuals should act quickly since there was no word on reproduction.

Michaela states that her inspiration for these shoes was the women of New York. She liked how they are able to exude elegance whether they are working at the office or at dinner plans.

With her works, Michaela hopes to empower other women and provide them with apparel that they feel comfortable wearing. She wants everyone to be at their best, and for that to happen, she believes proper clothing and accessories are vital. Her line of shoes has allowed women to get the pair that truly resonates with them, giving them the chance to feel more confident and flattered. More information about her current works is available on her website.

About Michaela V shoes:

Michaela V was found by a fashion model and entrepreneur Michaela Vybohova. Michaela was discovered in Slovakia and accepted the fashion world at the age of 16. She spent her time traveling the world, learning different cultures and watching designers closely do their work from behind the scenes where she was mesmerized by their craft and realized her true passion.

She spent most of her free time sketching and figuring out what women love most and what is the most flattering on each. She says: “I want each one of my girls, to feel flattered, confident and comfortable” and that’s where the idea to start Michaela V came from.

For more information: https://www.michaelav.com or https://www.instagram.com/michaelav/

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New Senate Bill to Drive Gains for CBD Wellness Brands

New Senate Bill to Drive Gains for CBD Wellness Brands

New Senate Bill to Drive Gains for CBD Wellness Brands

One of the most important factors for understanding the future course of the CBD Wellness space is legislative. While this is not obviously the case, given that hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, there is plenty of research floating around that paints another picture. For most consumers, CBD is intimately related to cannabis, and cannabis remains a stigmatized concept.

However, far from being a problem for companies involved in CBD, this is a catalyst in waiting – the fact that mainstream CBD adoption is still constrained by longstanding resistance to cannabis simply means that there is an opportunity ahead defined by the process of gradually chipping away at that stigma.

For companies like International Spirits and Wellness Holdings (OTCMKTS: ISBG), a top-tier brand incubator in the Global Wine & Spirits and CBD-Infused Products marketplace, this is a particularly important factor: ISBG is one of a number of companies now competing aggressively for leadership status in the rapidly growing CBD-based products industry.

The Regulatory Role

Public perception is often shaped by official designations for most mainstream consumers. For CBD, it’s reasonable to believe that this factor plays a disproportionate role because, even though CBD is legal in all 50 states, we find that states where cannabis is legal account for a disproportionate percentage of the CBD market as well.

The message should be clear: when legislators move toward freeing up the legal market for the cannabis plant in certain jurisdictions, sales of CBD products tend to get a boost in those areas.

That’s why we are particularly interested in the recent move by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and their submission of the new Senate bill, “The Cannabidiol and Marijuana Research Expansion Act”, which was announced on Friday, June 28, 2019.

The bill is aimed at encouraging scientific and medical research on marijuana and CBD. It was co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of six U.S. senators, so it has broad support across the political spectrum. And, perhaps more importantly, it has already been endorsed by the American Medical Association. In other words, it would appear that the Federal government in the US is starting to soften up on the cannabis plant, suggesting that we may be seeing the early stages of the next major catalyst for the CBD market.

If mainstream consumer attitudes come around on CBD on a nationwide basis in the US as a consequence of moves like this from the Senate, the rate of overall mainstream adoption of CBD-based products may dramatically increase.

Tying it Together

ISBG is a good example of a company that would stand to powerfully benefit from such a shift. The company has established a quickly growing Health and Wellness division that features a variety of currently available CBD-based products marketed under the P19 brand designation.

With skin creams, gummies, and concentrated liquid consumables already on the market, a company like ISBG could see a ramp in overall sales as a result of a drop in consumer resistance to CBD as a product additive. One reason to expect this is the endorsement by the AMA, as noted above.

This may also be a sign of things to come. After all, you don’t normally see bipartisan support for a bill reducing governmental barricades around a federally illegal substance unless attitudes in Washington DC are changing more generally toward the substance.

Any way you slice it, the bill represents a powerful positive catalyst for ISBG and other stocks that have already invested in the CBD revolution.

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