Rocker Ric Ocasek, frontman of The Cars, dead at 75

NEW YORK – Ric Ocasek, The Cars frontman whose deadpan vocal delivery and lanky, sunglassed look defined a rock era with chart-topping hits like “Just What I Needed,” was discovered dead Sunday afternoon in his Manhattan apartment.

The New York Police Department said that officers found the 75-year-old Ocasek at about 4 p.m. after responding to a 911 call. They said there were no signs of foul play and that the medical examiner was to determine a cause of death.

The death comes a year after The Cars were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, followed by an announcement by model Paulina Porizkova on social media that she and Ocasek had separated after 28 years of marriage. The pair first met while filming the music video for “Drive,” another Cars hit.

Ocasek, who sang, played guitar and wrote most of the band’s songs, and Benjamin Orr, who played bass and also sang, were ex-hippie buddies who formed The Cars in Boston in 1976. They were a decade older than many of their modern-rock compatriots but became one of the most essential American bands of the late 1970s and 1980s with their fusion of new wave, 1960s pop and 1970s glam.

Ocasek’s minimalist, half-spoken deadpan vocals set made the band’s sound, and his long, lanky appearance formed their lasting image.

The first three songs on their 1978 self-titled first album were all hit singles and remain widely known classics and oldies radio airplay: “Good Times Roll,” ”My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Just What I Needed.”

They had 10 other singles in the Billboard top 40, and of their six studio albums, four were in Billboard’s top 10.

The band’s commercial peak came with 1984’s “Heartbeat City,” which featured the hit singles “You Might Think” and “Magic,” sung by Ocasek, and the atypical ballad “Drive,” sung by Orr.

They were always an MTV favourite, and the whimsical, partly animated video for “You Might Think” along with the mournful video for “Drive” brought them near-constant airplay on the channel in the mid-1980s.

The band broke up in 1988, but their influence would be deeply felt in the 1990s and beyond. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana covered “My Best Friend’s Girl” at their last live show in 1994, and Ocasek produced albums for younger bands including Weezer, No Doubt and Bad Religion.

The Cars were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 after being nominated twice before. During the ceremony, Ocasek paid tribute to Orr, who died in 2000 of pancreatic cancer.

“It’s quite strange to be here without him,” Ocasek said.

In announcing the separation last year, Porizkova said that their family is “a well-built car.” But she says that “as a bicycle, my husband and I no longer pedal in unison.” Ocasek had six sons, two from each of his three marriages.

He grew up in Baltimore, and his family moved to Cleveland when he was a teenager. After graduating high school he had stints at Antioch College and Bowling Green State University in the mid-1960s before dropping out to pursue music.

Ocasek met Orr in 1965 and they formed their own first band called ID Nirvana in 1968. In the 1970s they relocated to Boston and formed bands including the folk-rock Milkwood and also played as an acoustic duo before finding their calling when they created The Cars.

Tom Hays And Andrew Dalton, The Associated Press

Two Amish men caught drinking while driving buggy flee Ohio deputies

NORTH BLOOMFIELD, Ohio – Police officers often say no traffic stop is routine and there was nothing routine when a deputy pulled over an Amish buggy early Sunday morning in North Bloomfield, Ohio.

The deputy was on patrol in the heart of Trumbull County’s Amish community when he spotted a buggy uniquely outfitted with a large stereo system on Donley Road, WJW reports.

According to his report, he saw two Amish men drinking inside the buggy, a 12-pack of beer on top of the vehicle.

When the deputy attempted to stop and question the two men about drinking and driving, they jumped out of the buggy and ran, disappearing into a heavily wooded area on the side of the road. According to the report, the horse pulling the buggy took off running, and the deputy gave chase, eventually catching up with it a short distance away.

“I’ve never operated an Amish buggy with a horse, but I’m told that the horse will know the way home regardless of whether the operator is awake or even in the buggy, and that horse went a little further down the road and onto an oil/gas well road and stopped,” said Trumbull County Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich.

The deputy had the buggy towed from the scene and the horse was turned over to a local farmer for safekeeping until the owner can be identified.

In a rite of passage known as Rumspringa, younger members of the Amish community are permitted to experiment with influences from the outside world, but authorities in Trumbull County said they have a duty to enforce the law in Amish country the same way they do in the rest of the county.

“Unfortunately, they’re not licensed as far as the buggy goes, but it is a vehicle, it’s on the roadway and the OVI laws do apply. You’re not allowed to drink and drive or operate a buggy,” Dragovich said.

Once authorities identify the two members of the Amish community, they could be charged with failure to comply with the deputy’s commands.

“Maybe there’s just that fear of the consequences and that would be a reality check for them, that there are consequences, but I encourage them to come forward and get their buggy and horse,” Dragovich said.

Flood Buyouts Have Pacific Junction Mayor Concerned for Town’s Future

PACIFIC JUNCTION, Iowa — Heavy rains last week in South Dakota are causing flooding concerns along the Missouri River in western Iowa.

In Mills County, there’s concern about the rising water, while residents are still dealing with the floods earlier this year.

Water is expected to rise only in the rural areas between the interstate and the river. It’s not expected to affect towns like Pacific Junction.

“We are expecting to reach a height of about 29 feet over the next couple of days. Thursday Friday, that peak should occur,” said Sheri Bowen, Mills County spokesperson.

The big concern on Tuesday for Mayor Andy Young is that the word is out about the state-approved $3 million for matching funds for flood buyouts. Young said now he has four people actually living in town again and eight or nine are rebuilding to live there soon. He said with a lot of buyouts, that would not be good for the future of Pacific Junction.

“The tax roll would go away. Any piece of property that becomes bought out by FEMA can no longer be built on,” said Young.

While Young said he hopes as more people get their homes rebuilt, others will see that progress and decide to stay in town.

Those who do go through the flood buyout might have to wait almost two years before they could see payment for the buyout.

Pool Removal Contractor Lists Top Questions To Ask Before Pool Removal

Pool Removal Contractor Lists Top Questions To Ask Before Pool Removal

Pool Removal Contractor Lists Top Questions To Ask Before Pool Removal

Dirt Connections – VA & MD Fill Dirt Delivery & Inground Pool Removal

Annandale, Virginia – September 17, 2019 – Dirt Connections, a pool removal contractor, recently released a detailed blog listing the top questions to ask before a pool removal. While some homeowners may feel that their pool is a worthwhile investment, others are finding keeping their pool is costly.

Homeowners who have a pool often find that they are constantly running into problems while owning a pool. In response to this, Dirt Connections compiled a list of common questions to ask before settling for a pool removal. That way, you can prevent other costs from popping up. To start, it is advised to collect as many reviews and recommendations from the people around you in order to get in contact with the best pool removal contractor for you. It will also help increase the likelihood of the removal going great with no complications.

The first question to ask is what will happen if you hit a rock or water during the process. This is important for you and the contractor to know so they will have the necessary tools on hand to fix it. The next is finding out how much dirt will there be for the project. Generally you will need about five garden sheds worth of fill dirt, however, you are surrounded by numerous businesses that supply fill dirt. The next question is finding out what will happen to your yard after the removal is completed. This may include any landscaping you may need to preserve your yard’s appearance. The next important question regards the warranty aspect. Find out your contractor’s warranty length and claims to feel more confident about the work. Next, you will want to get a good idea of the overall process they implement to remove a pool. You will need to know this to prevent any surprises or unwanted happenings.

If you choose to remove your pool, it must be drained and filled with fill dirt, which creates a stronger seal and foundation for future projects than any other type of dirt. A professional pool removal contractor can assist you in filling your pool and using the correct materials. Dirt Connections’ contractors have years of experience and can offer free consultations to help you determine the best type of pool removal for your needs. The firm can then fill your pool quickly and cleanly, allowing you to enjoy your new backyard.

Contact Dirt Connections online at or by phone at 703-940-9949. The firm is headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360-A211, Fairfax, VA 22030.

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Christ Lutheran Offering Immigrants English Classes In Northern Virginia

Christ Lutheran Offering Immigrants English Classes In Northern Virginia

Christ Lutheran Offering Immigrants English Classes In Northern Virginia

Fairfax Christ Lutheran Church
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and Preschool, a Fairfax Lutheran Church, recently released an announcement that they are now offering english classes for immigrants and other non-native speakers in the Northern Virginia area.

Fairfax, Virginia – September 17, 2019 – Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, a Fairfax Lutheran Church, is offering English classes to immigrants and other non-native speakers in the Northern Virginia area. Our classes are taught by trained volunteer teachers.

Christ Lutheran is excited about their Fall 2019 Schedule that runs from Thursday, September 5, through Thursday, November 21. It will cost a total of $10 for 12 weeks of classes. If you are wondering the weekly schedule in order to get a better idea of the itinerary, it will be Thursdays from 7-8 p.m with a break and snack from 8-8:15 p.m, then it will resume back to class until 9:15. Considering the church has a wonderful preschool entity, childcare is available upon request.

Christ Lutheran Preschool is a warm and loving place for children to make friends, play, learn, and explore together. We welcome children of all faiths and traditions, ages two through five.

We are looking forward to meeting you. For more information call us at 703-273-4094, or visit our website at Our ESL Coordinators for the classes are Phyllis Herrington, Mary Anne Rossbach, and Dick Alfers.

To get in contact with our pastor, Paul Collinson-Streng, he can be reached at We are located at 3810 Meredith Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030.

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Northern VA Escape Room Educates On How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Northern VA Escape Room Educates On How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Northern VA Escape Room Educates On How To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Room Escape Fairfax – 11 Unforgettable Escape Rooms
Room Escape Fairfax, a Northern Virginia escape room, recently released a blog listing how to improve problem solving skills.

Fairfax, Virginia – September 17, 2019 – Room Escape Fairfax, a Northern Virginia escape room, recently released a blog listing how to improve problem solving skills. These activities can help your cognitive ability improve in your social and professional life.

Improving problem solving skills are extremely useful whether you are a business owner, employee, or part of a team. When faced with a potential problem within your team, or managing a business that may face threats, having a sharp mind to deal with the inevitable will ensure success within your career. Being able to strategically think through issues will allow you to be a good leader in any role you endure in life.

Logic puzzles are a great way to begin the journey to improved problem solving skills. Thinking critically with a Rubik’s Cube, crossword puzzles, or Sudoku mirrors the same thinking skills you would need to apply in workplace situations. Not everyone loves math, however, keeping up your brain with even basic math problems goes a long way. Idea journals and mind maps are perfect for quickly recording your important thoughts, writing down experiences, drawing, and exploring ideas. Once everything is produced on paper, it will be easy to clear up your mind for upcoming challenges. Participating in team sports will allow you to hone your collaboration problem solving skills as you better learn how to come together with different ideas to tackle an issue. Finally, there’s escape rooms that force you to put your best thinking foot forward to solve the key to escape the room. They are perfect to participate in with coworkers and teammates.

Speak to Room Escape Fairfax for more information about Private Parties Packages and to schedule your own problem solving improvement session. Room Escape Fairfax offers several high-quality escape rooms with unique themes that immerse you in the story. Groups can book time in the facility’s VIP room to complement their escape room adventure.

Contact Room Escape Fairfax at 703-270-0377 or visit them online at to schedule your event. The venue is located at 3949A University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030.

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Flooding Consumes Farmland in Centerville

CENTERVILLE, S.D.– It seems South Dakota farmers can’t get a break from severe weather. Craig Andersen is one of many farmers in Centerville that’s seen flooding take over their land, “It’s been real difficult because even since the earlier floods you think well once that’s gone maybe you can get a crop in, well then you get another flood. Then it just keeps postponing and everything.”

Andersen says the flooding consumes miles of land and is about five feet deep. Any cover crop or feed that was planted in fields is now gone and the damage affects more than just the crops. “It affects everything. It affects you mentally. It affects you with the bank. Your ability to borrow money is getting less and less because of these things happening.”

He says the constant flooding takes in everything they do, “It’s wearing on us. Thank goodness for the federal crop insurance program but that doesn’t make us whole by any means. It doesn’t allow us to be doing what we want to be doing which is farm.” Moving forward Andersen says many farmers are reaching out to the government for financial assistance, “We’ve been talking to Washington and the state to see if we can get anything, any federal money or any kind of money to help improve some of this situation…It isn’t as easy to recover as one would think.”

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Hot Tawdry Presents River North’s Premiere Drag Show

Hot Tawdry Presents River North’s Premiere Drag Show

Hot Tawdry Presents is premiering Haus of Drag in the Foundation Room at House of Blues this Friday September 20th, 9pm. 
Hot Tawdry Presents  River North’s Premiere Drag Show

Haus of Drag’s new monthly drag show will kick off this Friday in the Foundation Room at House of Blues bringing a fresh and fabulous addition to River North’s live nightlife entertainment selection. The cast will feature Chicago drag favorites Lucy Stoole, Connor Konz, Mikki Miraj, Rosemary Maybe, Sasha Love, Tenderoni and music by DJ Lucy Wak.

Hot Tawdry Presents has been producing live cabaret and fringe entertainment in Chicago for over five years at House of Blues with shows featuring live blues, burlesque, circus, variety and drag entertainment.

“I am excited to team up with drag performers Dusty Bahls and Mikki Miraj to bring a new nighttime drag show to the River North neighborhood. We have such an incredibly fun, fierce and artistic drag scene in Chicago and I wanted to share that live show electricity with as many audiences as possible“ said producer Hot Tawdry. “Haus of Drag features a diverse roster with performances for Drag Virgins and long time fans alike. Everyone (21 and over) is welcome to enjoy, cheer, laugh and throw dollars!”

Live entertainment in Chicago is changing. People want new and refreshing shows that make them laugh and gives them a new entertainment experience. Hot Tawdry specializes in producing shows that give people an alternative to the typical bar scene. She fuses bawdy cabaret entertainment with live music in a lush and intimate setting. Hot Tawdry’s show are perfect for celebrating special occasions or spicing up your weekend plans.

Hot Tawdry is a producer, performer, and emcee who performs in Chicago’s top burlesque venues and has headlined tours to New York, New Orleans, Nashville and Puerto Rico.

The Haus of Drag premieres Friday, September 20th in the Foundation Room of the House of Blues. 329 Dearborn St, Chicago Il. Doors: 8pm. Show: 9pm. After Party to follow. Tickets: $10. Tipping encouraged. For tickets visit

For more information on Hot Tawdry and Hot Tawdry Presents please visit

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Chuck Anderson Presents ‘Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works’

Chuck Anderson Presents ‘Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works’

Chuck Anderson Presents ‘Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works’
New Jazz Album Out Now

Chuck Anderson has almost half a century of experience to his name, and one would think he’d be tired of making music. Those would be wrong. He’s still going strong with 14 original new songs on his latest release, Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

Back in 1974 when disco was all the rage, Chuck Anderson was focusing on the timeless sounds of jazz. A style that never well, goes out of style. Then he teamed up with Al Stauffer (bass) and Ray Deeley (drums) for the debut, Mirror Within a Mirror. After a few years, the guys went their separate ways.

All the while Chuck kept his engines running and in 2011 he hooked up with a new bassist and drummer; Eric Schreiber and Ed Rick. Together they focused on the basics, that pure instrumental jazz that takes listeners to a myriad of places. Over the years they’ve done everything from originals to the classics and have even tossed in some Blues and Latin notes in the mix.

In recent years Chuck Anderson got to thinking, and what he came up with was an idea to make an album that featured his 1974 and current trio. After the wheels started turning, out came 14-original tracks that would later be Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

Those interested in adding new jazz to their playlists, reviewing Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works, or interviewing Chuck Anderson about his 45-year career can reach out via the information provided below.

For more on Chuck Anderson, head here:


Chuck Anderson has been a part of two trios. One in 1974 and one today. He decided to put on a record that features both and the result was Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.


Learning Site:
Chuck Anderson Trio:

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New Housing, Retail Project Planned for Des Moines’ Market District Area

DES MOINES, Iowa — The City of Des Moines unveiled some big plans Tuesday for an area known as the Market District.

The Market District is 260 acres and located south of the East Village. It is bordered by the Des Moines River, East Walnut Street, East Martin Luther King Parkway and East 14th Street. The plan includes apartments, condominiums, office and retail space and two parks. The city has some progressive, cutting-edge ideas for the area, but there are also some challenges.

Charles Stepp has lived on Des Moines` south side for nearly 70 years. “I like what the city has been doing in the past generation,” said Stepp.

He really appreciates the expansion of bike lanes. He says he uses them daily, biking 20 miles a day.

Stepp likes the idea of putting even more bike lanes — or what the city is now calling “cycle tracks” — in the new Market District.

“We project 3,400 to 3,500 new housing units, so providing good access to bicycling infrastructure is a good way to promote higher levels of mobility and modes of transportation,” said Erin Olson-Douglas, Des Moines’ director of economic development.

But that isn`t the only mode of transportation being discussed. Right now, the Market District lacks public transportation. That could change with the possible use of self-driving DART buses. Olson-Douglas says it`s one of several cutting-edge proposals.

“The plan really gives us the opportunity to act on some big ideas for sustainability, progressive urban development,” said Olson-Douglas.

But there are also some challenges, beginning with what would be called the Riverfront Park. It`s a two-block area located along the Des Moines River. It’s an industrial area, so there are some environmental challenges.

“The source of the contamination in that area was an old coal tar plant long before MidAmerican’s occupation of that site,” said Olson-Douglas.

The property is still owned by MidAmerican Energy, which according to a spokesperson, is removing and properly disposing of any impacted soil from the former facilities.

That will take some time and so will this plan, which is expected to take about 20 years to finish.

“It is in our community`s best interest to take that slow and take it as the Market is able to respond in a quality sort of way,” said Olson-Douglas.

Stepp likes the sound of that, not just for his generation but future generations, too.

“How`s that not a good thing? That`s why I say the city`s done great, and it will increase the tax base,” said Stepp.

Speaking of tax base, property tax revenues are expected to increase $111 million over the next 20 years. That would more than offset the necessary infrastructure upgrades, which will cost an estimated $52 million and will likely be paid by both the city and developers.